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Scandal 3×12 “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

On Thursday night’s episode of Scandal, cleverly titled “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies,” did not stop Andrew and Milly from finally giving in and having a very short-lived make out session. News breaks out that there were drugs involved during the campaign when Fitz was first running for President. To our surprise, it was not Andrew who had taken the pills it was MILLY! After Fitz’s father “forcing” himself on her, she did not like to be touch especially by Fitz so she decided to pop a bottle of pills and try to kill herself. However, Andrew happen to pass by the room where Milly was lying on the floor in and saved her life.

Fast forward to Harrison and his blast-from-the-past mystery woman. She black mails him with money that ultimately makes him become her for a lack of better words – bitch. The real master though is none other than MAMA POPE of course, who is working with Adnan Salif. Clearly these two beauties are up to no good. Fitz and Olivia have at it once again and this time Fitz asks Olivia if she has feeling for Jake but she “doesn’t know.” And Jake being good ol’ Jake, gains an inside ear from the White House, Tom, who tells him he will be delivering a package every night so he is in the loop. The first package he delivers is a clip of Fitz and Olivia’s convo about him and her feelings. Guess being head of B613 does have its perks!

What are your thoughts n this week’s episode?

– Tanya Nazarian





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