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Revenge 4×02 “Disclosure” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Well if that wasn’t a shocker, I don’t know what is. Revenge this week just took it to a whole other level!

We finally see David Clarke in the light and being “dead” for all those years, the guy hasn’t aged a bit! The episode opens up with Victoria having a dream that she’s been reunited with David who tells her “I need to know that you were as much of a victim as I was.” She admits that she didn’t have a choice and regretted the moment ever since. What she did to poor David has haunted her for most of her life. He comes closer to her and begins to feel her face gently and then all of a sudden…BAM! Starts to strangle her.

Victoria wakes up from that dream in the back of a van with David in the driver’s seat. After she tries to escape, but fails, David takes her to the place he had been spending the last 10 years of his life. He asks her if she betrayed him. She tells him that Conrad made her keep silent about the incident that had happened by threatening her children, and that she didn’t have a choice but to portray this “good” wife status until recently when she cracked. She goes on to say that he was always the love of her life. He reassures her that he still loves her but that there are some issues to work out.

Flash forward to Emily and Char. Ever since Declan’s death, Char has been in the worst possible stage in her life. She’s been busted for cocaine, she can’t pay for her rent and most recently as we saw in this week’s ep, she walks in Gideon cheating on her. Emily finds her at her most vulnerable moment ever – on the verge of ending her life by throwing herself off the roof of the hotel. Ems rushes to her and begs her to not jump. Char replies with “Where were you before now?” Clearly Emily’s words had no effect on her and quite frankly if Jack and his partner didn’t step in when they did, Char probably would’ve died.

This is what triggers Ems to confess to Char about who she really is. Jack brings her back to the house and when she sees Emily she begins to yell and asks Jack to take her away but he tells her that Emily is the only person that she needs to talk to right now. Slowly, Em begins to explain that she’s actually her sister and begins to show her the infinity box that her – their – father left behind. She goes on to say that she had to protect her and whatnot but Char doesn’t buy it and destroys the box before storming out.

But a few scenes later, she calls Ems and asks her to come down to the bar. She goes and sees Char writing down stuff on a notepad and Char tells her that she can’t talk without getting angry, so she hands her the notepad. As Emily is reading this, Char comes behind her and smacks her head. Emily falls down and we see Char lighting up the whole place.

So is Emily really dead? To be honest, I don’t think she is because come on let’s be realistic, if she’s dead what is left of the show? Yes, everything will be about Victoria and not having to tell the truth to David that his actual daughter, since he thinks right now that Amanda is dead and that Emily girl is just some random person who has been sabotaging the Grayson family. Poor guy. Hopefully Victoria gets what’s coming for her!

Can’t wait until next week’s ep! Things are going from steaming to OMG real quick (Daniel and Margaux) and we love it!

– Tanya Nazarian





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