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Revenge 4×01 “Renaissance” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

OK Revengers, after what seems like a century, Revenge is finally back!

The season premiere picked up six months after the return of David Clarke. Emily’s quest for revenge continued though as she got a hold of Grayson manor and threw if not the most, one of the most talked about parties that the Hamptons had seen. While Victoria was still locked up at a mental hospital that might we add, her own children don’t even know about! They think she’s traveling to get away from the drama.

Jack is just starting his new job as a COP even though he was accused of kidnapping Charlotte. What an interesting twist, right? But you know it’s Revenge so only the peacefulness of everything would last so long. Victoria was able to get hold of a phone while in the hospital and called her house to find out that Emily resides there now. They have a short conversation about how Victoria admits to being wrong and how Emily wants her childhood and Aiden back.

Daniel is living in the city. For the first time ever, he is starting to have financial problems but is still able to pull off living a lavish lifestyle. Somewhat. Speaking of lavish, Emily’s party did not disappoint! Charlotte even attended the event. What a shocker! Yet what was even more of an OMG was her getting caught by Jack and his partner snorting some cocaine. All thanks to Gideon, Margaux’s brother (can we get a *rolls eyes* please?).

As the episode drew to an end, in true Revenge fashion, Victoria was able to escape from the “prison” as she called it and came knocking on her door. Emily opens the door but not intimidated whatsoever says, “welcome back.” As Victoria leaves the house, she is grabbed from behind by David Clarke!

Dun dun dun! If you thought this episode was too much, just wait until you see next week! Charlotte finally learns the truth about Emily ahem Amanda we mean.

– Tanya Nazarian





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