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Revenge 3×22 “Execution” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Yes, David Clarke is alive. And the death of Conrad proves it. My mind was blown as the hooded mad revealed himself. While we found his ring, there was never a thought in my mind that he would actually be alive. There couldn’t possibly be a scene as huge as this one on this show. The big shocker is revealed. Now we ask how? And why? Was he working with the cops all along? They did in fact pronounce him dead, so I have a feeling plenty of people allowed him to slip away and seek his own type of revenge. The most important question remains, why didn’t he seek out his daughter to tell her?

Before the recap can continue, we have to say goodbye to an extraordinary character. Aiden – a character who was the epitome of the quote “through thick and thin” since we’ve met him. We have seen his heart do the talking as he stayed by Emily despite the refusal of marriage and a family. He made her feel loved and he will truly be missed. Not to mention Barry Sloane portrayed Aiden phenomenally, and he was nothing short of amazing this week. Aiden will truly be missed and his heroic acts will not be forgotten. But just as we said goodbye to Amanda and Declan, we must close this chapter and continue on with the journey to peace. Emily spoke about him as her last chance of a life, but I have a feeling that Jack will close the empty gaps. Aiden was the man Emily didn’t expect to find a home with, and while she’ll undoubtedly cherish his memories, it seems as though her childhood love will be the man who’ll heal every wound that’s been left behind from the heartaches she’s endured.

This season, we saw the vulnerable side of Victoria and I honestly felt sad towards her life. This murder however, was cruel beyond words, and reminded us why Emily should and will leave her behind bars. Not only did she suffocate him, but she left him on the couch for Emily to find. Just when you think there may be traces of humanity left in her, she proves you wrong.

And the big reveal happens, as Victoria confronts Emily about knowing the truth of her identity, we barely have a moment to take it in before Emily knocks her out. Maybe Victoria shouldn’t have angered Emily as she asked if she had received her gift, meaning Aidens body.

Charlotte finds out the “truth” of her kidnapping and realizes Jack was behind the mess. He is now behind bars but I have a feeling, Emily’s explanation will fix all of this mess and he will be safe.

We can’t say the same for Victoria however as she ends up at a Psychiatric Hospital. It seems as though Emily’s mission has come to end. David’s name is cleared and Victoria is gone – for now at least.

Now we anxiously wait for the reunion with both of his daughters. And I for one can’t wait for Victoria and David to cross paths. That would be an epic moment. Though redemption isn’t in the cards for her right now, maybe knowing David Clarke’s alive will be the key for her to actually want to change for the better and for good this time.

– Marian S.





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