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Revenge 3×21 “Impetus” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Last week’s Revenge was definitely a little taste of the Grayson’s own medicine. Or so we thought.

The masked man who kidnapped Charlotte turns out to be Aiden! He takes her into an abandoned office. Emily snaps a picture of Char holding a newspaper with Pascal’s death on the front page. Victoria is on the beach with Daniel and she reveals to him that she blames Emily for the past events. She said that before Pascal left with Conrad, he shared a look with Emily that it was obvious they were working together. A detective visits Margaux and reveals that the pilot and Conrad both collaborated their stories and most likely that Pascal’s death is going to ruled as an accident. However, they do not understand why he was wearing a wire.

Javier stops by the stowaway and asks Jack if he’s seen Charlotte. Emily sends Conrad a video of Charlotte tied up and calls him through a voice disguising app and inform him that he’ll get his daughter back only when he and Victoria confess to Flight 197 and farming an innocent man.

Emily educates Charlotte about Flight 197 and everything that happened leading to the framing of their father. As she’s showing this, Jack walks in and catches them in the room semi-torturing Char and had this look on his face that was heart-breaking.

Conrad pays Victoria a visit a shows the fake bloody ear that Emily had sent him and tells her that they have to hold a press conference and confess.

Jack refuses to leave and begs the gang to let Charlotte go because she is beginning to panic. Emily disagrees and volunteers to go buy some medication to help calm her down. As she leaves the pharmacy, the detective we saw with Margaux is waiting outside for Emily. He drives her to the station for questioning.

Daniel pops in while they’re checking Emily’s juvie record to see if her prints are a match. Thanks to Nolan’s genius mind, he was able to switch the prints with Amanda to make it come out as not a match. Margaux is outside the station as Daniel is walking out and he tells her that he thinks Emily is involved. He comforts her and kisses her.

The press conference is minutes away and Charlotte barges into Conrad’s room. He’s relieved to see her (as any parent would be) but Charlotte informs him that he “disgusts her” and she knows what he did to her real father. She announces she is going to the police and Conrad insists she is going to nowhere and calls her an “ungrateful bastard (what on earth??).”

But to Conrad’s surprise, Charlotte has a recording device on her jacket and she catches the whole thing on camera! Ha

The FBI arrests Conrad and march him out of Grayson Manor.

Aiden joins Emily on her porch and tells her that revenge is hers. She apologizes for not being able to bail him out sooner from jail and he kisses her telling her that they belong together. However, their sweet victory was cut short by Jack who “needed Emily.”

Once he gets her alone, he shows her what seems like a ring that belong to her father with his initials on it. Emily is shocked to see it because that is in fact her father’s ring. WHAT!?!?!

Conrad is sitting in a holding cell and Emily pays him a visit. He puts what had happened together and is hocked when he realizes that she did this. She informs him it was all “in honor of Amanda and David Clarke.” He asks her what she is going to do about Victoria and she reassures him that she is not finished yet. He smiles and says, “Well then, Godspeed.”

What do you think of the episode? Voice your opinion below and don’t forget to tune in next week for the season finale!

– Tanya Nazarian





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