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Revenge 3×20 “Revolution” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Sunday’s episode of Revenge was nothing short of shockers.

As the Grayson clan gained the upper hand, Emily was forced to create a new identity. The opening scene is of Aiden and Conrad in a parking lot having a secret meeting. Conrad wants to know why Aiden has been stalling and has not gone after Pascal. Back at Grayson Manor, Pascal proposes to Victoria (as if we didn’t know that was going to happen). Nolan tries to convince Emily to take Conrad down at the App launch. Pascal is seen walking down the street as a van comes and kidnaps him.

As he is being brought into the interrogation room, he sees Emily or so he thinks. Emily tells him that she actually works as a homeland security agent and that her real name is Rebecca Stone. She continues to tell him that she’s been under cover for 3 years building a case against the Graysons. He tells her that he wants a lawyer but unfortunately he is not titled to one under the Patriot Act.

Charlotte receives an anonymous letter and starts to freak out. She shows it to her mom and tells her that she fears that David Clark is actually alive because the handwriting matches the journals of his she’s seen. The letter reads: “the day she become a Clark was one of her best days of her life.” Victoria takes the letter and says that she will destroy it and not to worry about it.

The three musketeers, Emily, Aiden and Nolan, listen to the recording Pascal has on his phone and realize that he was bluffing and that the recording has nothing to do with Flight 197. Conrad pays Vicky a visit and warns her about Pascal but of course she doesn’t believe him.

Charlotte surprises Jack at his house and they start to talk about the letter and Jack tells her that he may be able to help her find out who has been sending the letters.

At the My Clone launch party, Nolan and Emily arrive. Pascal informs Victoria that he actually can’t go away with her because he has some stuff he has to take care of. He takes the stage and announces that his daughter Margaux will be his successor and will be taking over the company. Margs and Danny take the stage and begin discussing the app or so they think.

Turns out that Nolan had messed around with the configuration and the app didn’t present itself as it should of. Pascal and Conrad meet and chat. Conrad takes him up to the roof and begins to talk to him some more and somehow he manages to get Pascal right by the propellers and does the unthinkable.

PUSHES him into the propellers and kills him. Emily watches in horror and then slips into the shadows as she sees Victoria coming. Vics drops to her knees and begins to scream. Conrad calmly tells the pilot to call 911.

Daniel comforts Margs (seriously, something is going to happen between these two). She is shocked and confused about what just happened. Her phone goes off and Danny reads the message and tells her that she’s actually going to be the new CEO. She doesn’t seem too excited though I mean hello! her father just died.

Emily is sitting with Aiden going over what happened. She declares she is going to take Conrad down. Daniel checks in with his momma and insists that Conrad just had a contact with homeland security. She says  she will make sure Conrad will burn in hell and she calls the number again but it has been disconnected.

Charlotte is walking down the beach in the dark and I’m sure you know what happens next. Naturally, some masked guy kidnaps her and drags her as she’s kicking and screaming… must be that guy who was looking at Jack through the window at the bar.

What do you think about what happened to Pascal? Clearly Conrad has more to hide than we thought.

– Tanya Nazarian





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