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Revenge 3×19 “Allegiance” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Luke Gilliam is back to the Hamptons! As we hear the words “it was supposed to be you,” from Victorias lips, we realize that Luke was supposed to take the place of Amanda’s father as he was framed. But wait, as shocking as that news is, it is far from the truth. This time Victoria was two steps ahead, as she planned the trap in which Emily walked right into. So Emily is not after the money after all.

So now that Victoria knows that revenge runs through Emily’s veins, she is one step closer to figuring out her real identity. But will she still seek to bring her down once she knows that Emily is the daughter of the man she once loved? Everyone has a soft spot and this just might be hers.

We also figure out the whereabouts of Oscar Chapman fairly quickly as Nolan and Aidan hunt him down, or shall I say “her”. Yup, this man decided to turn himself into a woman to rid himself of Pascel and Grayson. If things couldn’t get worse, the truth unveils about Aidan’s father. Pascal was responsible for his death. I’d love to see them go down more now than ever, after affecting peoples’ lives this cruelly.

As for Jack, he is on the road to revenge with Emily. It seems as though their once failed attempt at love is reemerging. So who does Emily truly have feelings for? Certainly not Daniel. Speaking of, he turned into his father and the little pity we had towards him vanishes. Was he ever a good human being or was it all an act? And even they rekindle a romance, something tells us she and Aiden aren’t done for good. But it’ll definitely be interesting to watch these story lines unravel.

And towards the end, Chapman is shot to death by Pascal. How can someone so evil have the capability to love? Far too many innocent souls are lost and the anxiety to put these men behind bars heightens.

So what’s ahead? I have a feeling that as Charlotte tries to dig up the truth for her brother, she will be reunited with the sister that was always right in front of her. And that’s something I’ve always wanted as the two care for one another immensely, not to mention their closeness could help bring out the truth for numerous things. Can’t wait until that exciting reveal!

– Marian S.





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