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Revenge 3×18 “Blood” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

In this week’s episode titled “Blood,” we get a glimpse of Aidan’s past and find out some info on his father.

The opening scene is a flashback but this time it’s of a little Aidan finding his father faced down, covered in his own blood, in a shed. But it’s all a dream! We see Aidan jumping up from sleeping on Emily’s couch and he tells her about his father and how he was kidnapped and forced to plant the bomb that made the plane come down. They chit chat and it ends with them agreeing to team up and Emily’s all in, naturally.

Back at Grayson Manor, Victoria and Pascal are enjoying a sweet moment together but it is cut short by Conrad. Him and Pascal go at it and break off their deal. Charlotte and Daniel are having their own issues too. Char knows that Danny is trying to turn Margot against Jack, but Margs is a smart cookie and does not buy it.

You’re probably dying to know what Ems and Aidan teamed up to do. Well here it is…they’re flying to England to meet with Aidan’s mom and discuss some very touchy and emotional issues – or they think. Once they arrive, Aidan sees how devastated his mother is still from whatever has happened. Can you believe he hadn’t seen in her EIGHT YEARS?! Poor woman doesn’t even know what happened to her daughter, Colleen, but Aidan eventually gathers up courage and talks to her about everything. What a good son…

Char tries to get intel on what’s going on between Emily, Jack and Nolan but fails until Javier goes to see her and spills the beans. We’d watch out if we were Javier!

The big shocker of the night was getting to see Mason Treadwell again, but this time serving his time in jail. Victoria visits him first and offers him a different deal than Emily did before he left. He calls Emily and tells her that if she doesn’t keep her end he’s going with someone else. So Emily sends in Stevie and he doesn’t budge. He tells her he’s going to take his chance and go with door G. Clever Mase, very clever. While in his cell, he decides to put on what seems like a face cream and boy does that cream do damage! He “dies” for about 12 hours and when he wakes, he’s in back of a coroner’s car. The driver? Nolan of course! He tells him to calm down that the cream was just a tactic to get him out. Before Nols sends him off to another town for good, he gets some dirt out of him about Oscar Chapman.

Back at Emily’s home, she and Aidan are in bed together and while she’s playing around with her engagement ring, she gets a phone call from Nolan and he tells her what he found out. Apparently the guy that knows Pascal and Aidan’s father – Oscar – is still alive.

Before we sign off, what do you think will happen? Obviously we need to prepare ourselves for some REVENGE.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode! Just as you think it can’t get better, it does!

– Tanya Nazarian





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