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Revenge 3×17 “Addiction” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Revengers! This week’s episode was full of shockers, don’t ya think?

In “Addiction,” Emily might be getting a taste of her own meds as Danny and Vicky work together to try and seek some revenge of their own. This time on Ems and her friends!

Pascal continues to try and win back Victoria. We find out that they used to date before Victoria married Conrad. They were pretty smitten too according to Daniel. Victoria asks a group of her girl friends to try and keep an eye out for Emily. They agree that anyone who is an enemy of Victoria’s is an enemy of there’s too. Daniel and Charlotte join forces and try to get back at Emily but Charlotte tells Daniel that she wants Jack out of this and he agrees. Haha yeah right, since when does Daniel listen to anyone?

Daniel finds out Emily’s next move – a poker tournament to benefit none other than Pascal’s charity.

Margeux drops an OMG moment when she tells Jack that she has received an offer from a successful mag in Rome. Jack tells her to take the job (obvi Jack always trying to do the right thing for everyone but himself it seems like).

Margeux tells Daniel about the offer and of course Daniel tells her how Jack cannot be trusted with Emily alone now that she’s single. And at one point in the episode, we see an intimate moment between Ems and Jacks and we see Margeux outside but never entering the bar. Was Daniel right? Not too fast …

Margeux decides to join with Daniel in getting revenge on their fathers. Margeux succeeds.

Emily goes to see Aidan and he is not too pleased. She asks for his help but all he does is rip apart the letter.

Emily’s big event finally arrives and everyone is there. Including Daniel and Victoria even though they were not invited. Daniel has an altercation with his ex-wife and boy is he a charmer! Fast forward to Stevie having a heart-to-heart with Conard. Back at the tournament, Emily had saved two seats for her and Pascal, but of course he gives his seat to Victoria and her and Emily go into battle.

After winning thanks to Victoria purposely letting her, Emily goes up to Pascal’s room to discuss some business. But she soon notices a camera so she quickly turns around the conversation to him and leaves him. We find out he’s ready to give in the towel when Victoria comes in and asks what happened. Of course he would team up with Victoria. After all she is the one person he was never able to keep.

Back at Nolan’s house, Emily and him try to figure out their next plan when surprise surprise! Aidan walks in and says that the letter as to do with his father, TWM.

Tune in next week to find out what happens to Mason Treadwill when Emily and the gang pay him a visit!

– Tanya Nazarian





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