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Revenge 3×16 “Disgrace” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

In this week’s episode titled “Disgrace,” Conrad makes his move with Margeaux’s father played by the ever-so-handsome, Olivier Martinez, Jack reconnects with Stevie and Emily and Daniel continue their battle.

Emily and Nolan look into Stevie’s past and her visit with David. Nolan suggests bringing in Jack, but Emily disagrees and gets upset when Jack interrupts her talking to Stevie. Guess Emily did not have to look far to get her answers because Stevie tells Jack all about her run in with David but realizes after finding a picture of Ems and the late Amanda at their wedding that something is not right.

Stevs pays a visit to Emily and tries to find out more information on Amanda and Jack. She comes clean and tells her that she wants to clear David’s name and knows what it feels like to be taken down by a Grayson. She offers to help but Emily says no.

Since Ems did not want her help, Stevie takes it upon herself and involves Jack by telling him that there is some evidence regarding David that was taken away when she was busted. Nolan and him go searching for it. Jack takes the evidence to Emily and she argues why he got involved, but it does not take long for Jack to use his charm and get Emily to let him in. He quickly realizes that it is not going to be easy to take down the Graysons.

Meanwhile, Conrad and Pascal (Margeaux’s father) “work” out their differences but their teamwork soon crumbles down when Margeaux realizes her father is not the person she thought he was. Conrad shows her a statement of her father covering up the losses for the magazine and that is when Margeaux breaks her silence and tells him upfront what she really thinks of him. Boy did he really have it, sheesh!

Back at Grayson Manor, Daniel confronts Emily with a picture of her and Aidan locking lips. He uses that to lure her into divorcing him and offers her a pretty sweet deal and she accepts but says that she will get more in court if he brings it there. Queen V being the sneaky mother that she is, re-hires the PI that Daniel had to do some more digging on Emily. In order to buy her some time, she asks Daniel to cancel the divorce and keep Emily close but he does not want anything to do with her.

Daniel ends up revealing to the world that Emily faked her pregnancy by showing the fake hospital records. But we all know Emily would not have let that happen on its own. Of course the laugh is on Daniel and Victoria because Ems was the one who leaked the records! She made them believe they did it by using Charlotte’s connections with the magazine.

Smart cookie that Thorne is!

Be sure to tune in next week! We hear Emily might be getting a taste of her own med as Daniel and Victoria work together to try and seek revenge on Emily and her friends! OMG!

– Tanya Nazarian





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