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Revenge 3×15 “Struggle” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Tonight’s episode of Revenge was definitely a “struggle.”

The opening scene is of Jack on the phone with what seems like the realtor telling him that the house is a no-go unless he agrees to the all cash offer. Stevie arrives while Jack is finishing up the phone call and she is not alone. She brought a box filled with pictures of Jack and her at the hospital after he was born. After seeing this, Jack still shows no sign of interest of getting to know his mother better.

Patrick crashes Jimmy’s memorial service. He tells the crowd that Jimmy was a rapist and that he deserves to be where he is. As he walks up to what seems like spit on the image of Jimmy, the person who was giving the speech before, punches P and you know where this goes.

Emily barges into Nolan’s place. Last we saw Ems, she was not in the right state-of-mind and still seems to be in a bit of a haze in this episode too. She is freaking out because she blacked out again this time she destroyed the carving her father had made on her porch. As she converses with Nolan, her intentions become a little clearer and she leaves his house saying that she is going to do what she should have done in the first place, “kill them all.”

Nolan finds Aidan and begs him to help Emily. He tells him that she is embarking on a journey that she will “not come back from…ever.”

Emily heads to South Fork and into Conrad’s room, but she’s not only. Someone else enters the room after her, but at this point she is hiding under the bed (we would do the same thing). Next thing you know, she’s pulled out of the bed and the next scene is her tied up on a chair and Aidan sitting across from her. Uh – oh, you know this cannot be good. He tells her he is going to save her by holding her head underwater.

Jack visits his mother and tells her that the realtor called him again to offer him the house if he was still interested. Guess she has a heart after all and not only that it seems like her and Jack are starting to get along and she reveals that she had been gone because she is a recovering alcoholic.

Nolan visits Patrick and apologizes for bringing him into the whole finding his father mess and offers him a peace offering by telling him he still has a booth open for the art exhibit.

All this is going on and Aidan is still drowning poor Ems. But wait a second. She finally has an aha moment and reveals that her “father is to blame for everything.” She starts to cry and blames her father for where she is now. He told her the nigh before he was arrested that Victoria and the two of them were going to be family. Guess he got his wish! She’s a Grayson now.

Renowned artist, Stefano Leone visits Patrick’s booth and offers him a lifetime opportunity of being his apprentice at his art studio in Tuscan. It is an offer he could not resist so he leaves a text for mommy dearest explaining why he has decided to leave. Turns out Victoria and Nolan had made a deal with Leone to take Patrick.

Taking off the sheets off of her furniture, Em’s gets a visit from Nolan and he has brought her a brand new metal safe with all her memories of her father in them. It can only be open by her touch. She opens it and starts flipping through her father’s journal. She comes across an entry that her father wrote about a recovering alcoholic lawyer visiting him. Ding ding ding! Emily has an epiphany and realizes that Ms. Stevie has some explaining to do. Turns out she knew her father and now Emily plans to discover every secret she is hiding. That is the Emily we all know and love! We’re glad to see she’s back to her full self.

Tune in next week to find out what happens!

– Tanya Nazarian





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