OUAT in Wonderland 1×10 “Dirty Little Secrets” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

All this week’s episode did is leave me waiting for next week’s visit to Storybrooke and Barbara Hershey’s guest appearance.

Personal wishes aside, let’s talk about this week’s heartbreakingly revealing episode. Cyrus’ mother, later revealed as Amara was badly burned and on her death bed until her boys, Cyrus primarily decided to go against let’s call her the Ring girl number two’s (if you’re curious, I may or may not have screamed at the sight of it) word. After they stole the water and revived their mother she came after them and cursed them to be genies their entire lives; however, she said she’d undo the curse if the water was brought back by revealing that Amara is still alive. It seems this is why she wanted the bottles from Jafar in the first place, it’d certainly make sense. Now, this is a showdown that’s going to be great; however, given the history of parents on this show, a part of me is wondering whether or not she’d actually side with her boys – let’s hope she does.

Speaking of Jafar, he and the Jabberwocky, torture Knave and Anastasia until she makes all three of her wishes and sends Knave into Jafar’s possession.

The interesting part of this scene was that I was simultaneously pleased and disappointed, I ultimately wanted Anastasia not to give in, but at the same time, I understood her reasonings behind making the wishes. The thing I respect most about the Red Queen’s character is how incredibly complex she is; there’s a part of her that undeniably adores the throne and being on top, but there’s another that’d do anything and everything for a second chance at love. It’s no surprise that her love for Will runs deeper than anything else therefore, making the wishes to end his suffering is a sacrifice of love and a tragic one for sure. Rigby’s portrayal of the scene is essentially what sold it most as she did a marvelous job of depicting fear and unyielding love for the man.

I also really loved the scene with the white Rabbit as Anastasia expressed her concerns to be the kind of queen Wonderland deserves. There’s such a distinct sincerity in the way she expressed that moment, and I couldn’t help but root for her and the Knave’s reconciliation even more than I already did. This message presented in both Once Upon A Time series about true love being the strongest emotion is without a doubt the greatest, and it always tells the most beautiful stories on these shows.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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