Once Upon A Time 3×13 “Witch Hunt” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The best part of this week’s episode was the marvelous interactions and how quickly every revelation occurred – things are about to escalate and brilliantly. Not sure how anyone else feels, but we’re pretty fond of this whole Oz arc so far. When was the last time a witch actually flew on a broomstick? It’s always incredible to have classics being brought back into our television screens.

Back in the enchanted forest, a flying monkey, perhaps Walsh pre-Emma, tries to attack Regina but Roland happens to be standing in his direction, and without a single thought, Regina sweeps him off the ground and turns the monkey into a stuffed one for him. Realizing that there’s a tunnel way into the castle Regina plans to remove the protection spell in order for everyone to enter. Being a man of honor, Robin feels it’s his duty to accompany her and the two set off on an adventure to save the civilians. What Robin doesn’t know is that Regina plans to put herself under a sleeping curse because of her heartbreak from losing Henry, but what essentially changes her mind is the fact that she now has a life to destroy. We then learn that Zelena is in fact Regina’s half-sister and she’s now going to make Regina suffer just as she did. Good luck with that, greenie.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Emma’s teamed up with Regina to figure out who’s behind this new curse, Charming, Hook, Robin Hood, and a few other merry men are attempting to figure out what’s happening to those who’ve been disappearing. Little John then gets carried away by a flying monkey and later turns into one at the hospital. Regina’s having a difficult time replicating the memory potion; therefore, she and Emma go on a stakeout only to find that whoever’s in Regina’s office has disappeared with green smoke. Luckily by the end of the episode, two and two are put together with the understanding that the only person who could be behind all of this is the Wicked Witch of the West. And best for last, Rumple’s still alive, probably a bit insane, held captive by the witch, but at least alive (Three cheers for the fact that Robert Carlyle could grace our television screens with his superlative acting again).

As always the best parts of this week’s episode were the excellent interactions between characters and little moments that served as a reminder that there’s hope everywhere.

Since the beginning of Season 3, Emma’s and Regina’s interactions have gotten more and more glorious as the women are finally putting the best of their abilities together to work as a team. In this week’s episode especially, it was nice to see them believe in one another because if there’s one thing this show’s taught us is that second chances are undoubtedly important and people won’t always disappoint. What was particularly amazing was the fact that Regina didn’t go back to her old roots knowing Henry doesn’t remember her, she’s remaining patient and kind and that allows us as viewers to believe that she’s certainly changed for the good. Regina’s heart may be in pieces, but it’s in the right place when it comes to the person she wants to be, which is who Henry always wanted her to be. Also, it was definitely nice to see her treat Emma with the level of respect she’s always deserved because at the end of the day, these women are family and it’s refreshing to see them act as so. Not to mention, it’s astounding to watch Morrison and Parrilla work together in such a different light, they’re remarkable when they’re at each other’s throats, but they portrayed these beautifully honest moments with their characters impeccably.

Knowing that Robin and Regina are soul mates, we couldn’t help but believe that Robin’s “we all get a second chance, Regina” was foreshadowing the two of them. Though they haven’t known each other for long, there’s something remarkable about the idea of two people who are in countless ways so similar, finding love when they least expect it and learning they were destined for one another all along. Additionally, we felt Robin’s comment about Regina having the touch of a mother was beautifully acknowledged because even though she hasn’t always been perfect, it’s undeniable that she’s an adoring being who’s simply done wrong a few times. It’s a perpetual joy to watch couples on this show challenge one another with their distinctly eccentric personas. What’s going to be especially amusing when it comes to Outlaw Queen is the frivolous remarks, electric chemistry, and an understanding rare to everyone but themselves which will effectively bind them just as it does with all the true love couples on this show.

Did anyone else cringe when Zelena touched Mary Margaret’s pregnant stomach and lied about being a midwife? We sure did and when things like this occur, it’s most indeed outstanding acting. Rebecca Mader is stunningly superb in this role and we ultimately can’t wait until it’s not just an innocent woman she’s playing but rather truly wicked.

Neal’s still missing, and either he’s turned into a flying monkey or he hasn’t been swept up with the curse, our bets are on a flying monkey or something completely different such as he’s working with Zelena. These theories are plausible as last week he mentioned doing anything to get back to Emma and Henry, coincidences don’t exist when it comes to scripted words.

That final moment and Emma’s disbelief of the Wicked Witch’s existence was perfectly executed, and followed by Hook’s “says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming”. We adore the little ways in which Hook tries to distract Emma from her savior duties, and this was one of them. By bringing this into the conversation it was as though he was trying to add humor into the equation simply to simmer the entire situation down and offer his distinct form of comfort. After all, trying to make someone smile no matter how you do so is the best thing one can do to allow the ones they adore to know that they’re there. The captain and the savior couldn’t act more like an old married couple even if they tried. The comforting didn’t start there though, when word came out about Neal missing, he was quick to utter the words “he’ll turn up, Swan, he always does”. It’s absolutely lovely how selfless Hook’s love for Emma is when he tries to ease what he believes is heartbreak for another man. Without a single doubt, the inimitable bond they share is fortified through utmost respect and selfless adoration – there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her, and he authenticates that every chance he gets.

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