Music Monday

September 22, 2014

One Step At A Time – Jordin Sparks |x|

We’re fairly certain we aren’t the only ones who ever face moments of doubt when the one thing we want to achieve takes too long. It’s easier to get negative about our situations and think that they’ll actually never occur as opposed to continue fighting. It’s easy to see the stumble as a failure, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not.

Also, we’d like to take a moment to thank iTunes shuffle for magically knowing what’s up, every single time. This is one of those songs that’s always somehow surfaces into our lives when we’ve needed it most. We were recently asked what we’d do with millions of dollars if it was given to us, and unsurprisingly, outside of donating to those in need and charities close to our hearts, both of our (founders) answers revolved around how to make our dreams a reality. We’re always the ones who want to encourage people to do what they love as opposed to what’ll pay the bills. At the end of the day, it may take a little bit longer, but it doesn’t make sense for us to settle on things we don’t love. Passion is everything. If you aren’t doing what you love then it’s unfair to both you and the work you’re doing. Outside of our day jobs, we love writing these reviews. We write because we believe TV is so exquisite, you can’t just watch an episode and stay silent. Plus, we’re giant nerds who love analyzing things. It’s inspiring to us. So right now, the purpose of this post is to tell you all not to give up on what you love. It may take time, but if the desire is in your heart, then it’s there for a reason. It’s most likely your calling. We’ve known what we wanted to do since we were children. We’ve denied it, pursued other things for a while, but eventually we came back to square one. You cannot ignore your heart’s desire. It’s unfair to you.

Work hard, stay faithful to your dreams, be good to those around you, and there’s going to come a time where it’ll be worth it. There’s a reason for everything, and there will be a reason as to why you’re wanting to do what you’re longing for.

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