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Graceland 2×10 “The Head of the Pig” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The dynamics in the house still aren’t as great as they could be, but it seems there may be hope for it restoring…next season or the next one after that?

Episode Summary: Solano Sr. finds out about the sex trafficking operation and physically shows his disapproval to his son. Jakes and Johnny perfect the plane transportation in order to convince Solano Sr. to accept it as his primary form of hauling the drugs. Paige and Briggs shut down the sex trafficking headquarters. And someone in the house knows about Briggs’ past.

Review | Analysis: Briggs agrees to help Paige close the sex trafficking operation once and for all because they both feel Mike’s in too deep at this point. Using his cover as Paul West, Briggs tells Sid about what Carlito’s running with the girls and he’s not at all thrilled by the news. Sid then calls Salano Sr. to notify him and it even comes as a shock to Carlito’s old man. During a family plus Johnny dinner, Solano Sr. beats Carlito and expresses his disappointments. While I don’t in anyway condone anything Carlito’s done, his father’s means of discipline are far from okay; therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising why Carlito’s so hung up on making him proud.

Additionally, Briggs learns about Charlie’s pregnancy and moments before it’s revealed someone knows what he’s done in the past, he tells her he wants them to keep the baby. For those who’ve read my previous reviews, you know how I feel about Briggs and Charlie as a couple. They have such excellent potential to be an incredible duo, but without proper apologies and the truth exposed, they aren’t a healthy pair to root for. Not to mention the house and their career choices aren’t the healthiest places to raise a child.

Charlie and Amber continue to work on their bank robbery, but the explosive device is too big and doesn’t work in their advantage. Perhaps we’ll see more of this in later episodes. Charlie’s planning another ‘Sauce Night’ since everyone will be back home soon, but unfortunately we all know it won’t be a smooth dinner. The smile on her face upon hearing Briggs’ comforting words only makes what’s to come more difficult to bear with.

If there’s one thing I love most about this chaotic season, it’s Jakes’ character development. He’s gone from hating everything and everyone, to using alcohol as therapy, to being everyone’s shoulder to lean on. While they’re all lying and at each other’s throat, he’s thankfully the only character whose scenes aren’t traumatizing to watch.

On a show like Graceland, Johnny should know better than to make promises to anyone – they all should. Since promises seem to turn into lies, something tells me he’s not going to be able to keep his to Lucia. Fundamentally, being in a relationship with her without Lucia knowing the truth about his FBI status isn’t exactly the wisest choice he could make.

Mike’s still keeping quiet about what really happened to Lina but luckily Paige is more observant than that. I’m incredibly pleased with this storyline because my biggest concern with this entire issue was that I didn’t want it turning into another Briggs and Charlie scenario where everything’s thrown another the carpet and forgotten. Paige is using her knowledge and gut to crack Mike and I feel that’s probably the best way of going about it. Mike undoubtedly does want to do good, but his judgement is clouded with what’s become an obsession. If Mike tells the truth, then he hasn’t exactly changed too much from the man he was. As someone who usually served as a moral compass, he’s done a complete 180 this season and it simply hasn’t felt right.

Promos are deceiving, and I usually don’t make predictions from them; therefore, this week’s review will be cut shorter than most because I feel the two episodes will make understanding these characters better. Next week’s episode is what’ll likely give viewers a better idea of who Mike’s become and what he’s capable of. Also, it’ll show us whether Briggs actually cares enough about Charlie to continue lying or finally opening up about what’s really occurred. What’s most frustrating about both these situations is the fact neither of the men purposely set out to murder – one was self defense, the other witnessed it. The things that must be done for TV drama. I don’t know about any of you, but I would gladly watch a happy show instead where these misfits surf and take the bad guys down without getting in too deep.

What’d you all think of this week’s episode? If there’s anything you’d like to discuss remember we’re open for it and willing to do so as long as the discussions aren’t spreading hate.





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