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Graceland 2×04 “Magic Number” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

There’s always that one episode in the season that you just cannot like no matter how hard you try. This is one of those for me and hopefully there aren’t anymore like it.

Episode Summary: Briggs and Charlie go out of their way to get Kelly Badillo the money she’s entitled to from the FBI. After researching, Paige becomes more certain that the girls aren’t just mules but they’re victims of human trafficking. Johnny attempts to get more detail on Carlito. Mike and Jakes find out that the bus has been emptied and there’s more than one hauling drugs.

Review | Analysis: For once, Briggs wasn’t the character I was completely frustrated with on the show. And while I still loathe the fact that he’s lying through his teeth every second of the day, I love how hard he’s trying to at least make things right. When Charlie first approaches him with the idea of finding the money and forging a check from the FBI, Briggs is hesitant. In this case, I’d be too. And there’s a huge chance of this blowing up in their faces, but let’s keep positive about the situation. I’m glad they helped out. Kelly deserves to grieve properly and though this doesn’t come nearly as close as knowing the truth does, it’s still something. Despite the fact that Charlie’s been through hell and back because of Briggs –though she has no idea– they’re brilliant together as a team. And one of the qualities I admire most when it comes to Briggs is that he genuinely cares. I’ve always felt that their dynamic as the unofficial parental figures of the house has always worked most wonderfully – they provide comfort with their words plus set things straight when they need to. And no matter what’s going on, the safety, physical, and mental health of their roommates is what matters most. Even when Briggs was running from the mess he made last season, the moment he found out Charlie was meeting up with a federali, he put his plans aside and went after her. If there’s one thing about the roommates that’s completely admirable, it’s their heartfelt adoration for one another even when they’re at each other’s throats. Especially for Briggs and Charlie, they are at their best during scenes like this one. Additionally, no matter how frustrated Briggs’ choices of lying are, their scenes are always favorites of mine because of Sunjata and Ferlito’s chemistry. They’re exquisite on screen.

Jakes’ behavior is beginning to grow deeper and deeper. Bus case aside, I hope working alongside his boss may possibly get him to rethink relying on alcohol for comfort. Maybe this is wishful thinking but I rather him wait to hear back from lawyers who could possibly help him get some kind of joint custody.

Johnny’s storyline –Carlito’s more so– has actually upset me to a point where I’m not sure I even feel comfortable discussing it. Hence, my strong dislike of the episode. I understand that Johnny’s life was in danger, I really do, but I’m displeased with the fact that he chose to give the females drugs in order for them to loosen up. I cannot say I understand Carlito’s sickening need to have Johnny sit there and watch. Though under the influence of drugs, the females weren’t refusing Carlito’s demands, what he did is still considered an act of rape. And there’s absolutely no words to justify the cruelty forced upon the women. I’m disappointed that Johnny stood back and watched. As I said, I understand that his life was on the line and Carlito’s an insane being who could pull the trigger any minute but knowing this, there should already be a tactical team ready for defense. Screw the bus case if innocent women are going to be taken advantage of like this. Plain and simple. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter as there aren’t words to describe the wrongness of what’s occurred, but all I hope for is that Johnny makes amends of this situation somehow.

There’s an immense chance that every episode from now on I will take a moment to commend how incredibly proud I am of Paige. She’s not only keeping the promise she made to Lina but she’s doing something for all victims of human trafficking. Additionally, this is my favorite storyline because of the awareness it’s spreading to those who probably aren’t that familiar with the tragedies that occur daily in the world. Paige’s heart is always bear, but this is the kind of case that shows it more than anything before. I adored the moment where Mike gives Paige a team to find out more because Swan played that moment with such grace. It served as a gorgeous example of Paige’s impeccably caring heart. Through unwavering persistence, she learns that her theory was accurate and that the girls aren’t just mules but they’re being auctioned off like slaves. Mike promises that they’ll save them and if there’s any promise he’s going to keep, I hope this is one of them.

On the subject of Mike and Paige, what I’ve always loved about their relationship is the ability to be exactly who they are around the other. Because Mike’s head is so far up this case and he’s used to DC methods, Paige has been the only person who’s been able to bring the human side of him out. There’s a coldness in Mike that wasn’t present last year and so far, anytime he’s been with Paige, the Mike we knew back in season 1 resurfaces instantly. Even when he occasionally loses himself in a case and forgets that real people are involved in the operation, it only takes a moment for him to come back to the reality that he needs to try to make sure no one gets hurt.

Jessica’s in Graceland next week and there’s just something about this girl I cannot trust. Since the very first episode she appeared, I couldn’t help but suspect her of leaking information. And hopefully next week will gives us more signs to determine if she’s actually the one doing so. Also, even though Mike and Paige aren’t exclusive, neither were he and Jessica based off of the way they spoke to one another, cheating is one of those things I don’t ever condone. So hopefully there’s a very good explanation as to what’s occurring in next week’s promo. One of the qualities I admired most when it came to Mike last season was his loyalty. There are traces of it still there, but again I feel DC has forced him to lose the compassion he once had. There’s no justification for his thoughtless remarks here and there; therefore, what I’m ultimately hoping for is for him to see that you don’t have to allow a job to change you.

Lastly, I feel it’s necessary to point out that I don’t believe Johnny will die. Trailers are always deceiving and that kid especially has a long way to go before he passes. Don’t you worry, world.

What’d you all think of this week’s episode? And what are your predictions for next week?

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