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A Week in Review

April 6 – 11
Suits USA

Because the Suits season finale blew us away in every way that it could have, all of the weekly categories will be merged into one complete review.

As far as most exquisite scenes go, this entire episode was filled with moments that reminded us of the brilliantly captivating show we fell in love with. However, that final montage with Harvey, Mike, Louis walking back to the office followed by Jessica’s comment about Harvey getting the children was gold. If a scene could capture the audience and tug on their heart strings without the use of words, then it’s fantastic in every way that it could’ve been. Pearson Specter is about family, and while that served as the underlying theme of this week’s episode, the montage captured it wondrously. We may be the only ones that have felt this, but Suits hasn’t been the same lately – the warmth that served as a shield in the midst of the sass and heavy cases had been missing. And though there were glimpses of it here and there, it wasn’t as evidently visible but most importantly felt. But we believe that after Louis’ tragic heart attack, the show quickly begun getting it’s familial essence back. And necessary commandment to Mr. Rick Hoffman for these last few episodes as his performances were exceptional to a whole new level.

The extraordinary dialogue, perfectly executed jokes, and heartfelt moments were once again beautifully explored. We especially loved Jessica telling Rachel that she’s family, and there was a great amount of heart followed by effortless chemistry between Gina Torres and Meghan Markle who displayed the love these characters have one another gorgeously. And let’s not forget Sarah Rafferty bringing Donna to life with such sentimentality along with the usual Donna-esque – this should definitely be a thing as there’s really no way to describe the woman’s impressive humor –. It’s these little moments that contribute beautifully to the show’s message of acceptance and loyalty amongst people who care immensely for each other.

Mike’s finally made the decision to leave Pearson Specter and while we believe he won’t ever be a stranger, or gone permanently our hearts still broke at the mere fact that they’re temporarily not partners. But Harvey and Mike turned the scene around excellently by joking about what they should call one another now that Harvey’s technically working for Mike. Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams have always blown us away with their natural chemistry, and even when Harvey and Mike are at each other’s throats, these astounding actors make the scenes incredibly enjoyable to watch.

All in all, we were a bit skeptical coming into this season and some of the story lines fell flat to us, but these last few episodes and the finale especially have us on our toes for the upcoming season. Maybe Harvey and Donna will finally realize they’re perfect together, and hopefully Louis will find his happiness since it sadly didn’t work out with Sheila. And maybe Mike won’t have to hide his secret for too long. Whatever happens, we have a ton of hope in Suits now, and it feels great to. It’s a good thing there’s not long until Season 4.

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