“A Road Between” | Lucy Hale

Title: Road Between | Artist: Lucy Hale | Release Date: June 3 | Grade: 5/5

In very rare occasions I believe an album in its entirety is pretty perfect, and Lucy Hale’s “A Road Between” is one of those. Packed with enthusiastic songs that are perfect for a long drive and heartfelt gorgeous ballads that’ll leave you marveling for days, this is the album of the summer. Hale’s impeccable voice and the amount of sincere heart she brings to every track are a phenomenal addition in Country music. It’s a debut album that’ll be talked about for years to come and only leaving you wanting more excellency from Lucy Hale.


You Sound Good To Me
Once in a while, an early released single doesn’t get boring after a few plays. Hale’s voice is stunning in “You Sound Good to Me” and very rarely a music video compliments the song gloriously |x|. An upbeat tune that’s perfect for all times, especially a car singalong.

From the Backseat
Without a doubt one of the most beautiful songs on the record, ”From the Backseat“ tells the gorgeous story of the innocent perspective of growing up and learning how to love. The story telling magnificence is done with grace and charisma in this particular track making it poignantly relatable to all.

Nervous Girls
In light of recent events and the time period, ”Nervous Girls“ serves as an accurate depiction for all who are not only their worst critics, but continuously under the pressure of being someone they’re not because it’s what’s promoted. Beauty, nervousness, and the significant message of “it’s okay not to be okay” are brought to life masterfully in an inspiring ballad that showcases Hale’s voice with such commendable sincerity and vulnerability.

Red Dress ft. Joe Nichols
There aren’t many things quite as exquisite in the music world than a good ol’ country themed storytelling duet that glamorizes striking memories wonderfully through the use of a ‘red dress’. And as ladies we all know how special it is to have those little things remembered. It’s enchantingly passionate – a darling duet you’ll find stuck in your head in a pleasant way.

Goodbye Gone
Who doesn’t love a good post breakup song with playfully rebellious lyrics that uplift and scream girl power!? I certainly do. Hale’s voice is most vigorous in “Goodbye Gone” – she lets it all out. And the melody compliments her abilities in a way most striking for the genre, along with the songs message.

Kiss Me
Kiss Me” is another well written song that tells a whimsically fine tale. There’s always such scenarios where two beings aren’t sure of where they stand and the song emphasizes the frustration well, followed by a nice resolution to the situation.

Road Between
Another one of Hale’s strongest, most profoundly moving songs that valorize the beautiful message of ‘it’s okay not to be okay’, ‘it’s okay to be confused’. “Road Between”  showcases the importance of one’s heart governing their life above all things, and the pure candor Hale projects through her voice reflects the love for life and one’s own self in a charismatic and endearing manner.

Lie A Little Better
For such a genuinely painful lyrically moving piece, the upbeat melody makes it a nice sing along. “Lie A Little Better” represents the nuances of the things we all hate, pretending not to be in pain, losing ourselves in the depths of our minds, etc – and it makes for a well executed song.

That’s What I Call Crazy
Another honest song that narrates the hardships of a breakup and the realistic moments of attempting to cope. Hale’s voice strikes to a fantastic high during the chorus and reveals her gifts exceptionally.

Love Tonight
My favorite part of this track is the easily swaying melody. It once again tells a playful story of a night out, somewhat wrong decisions, but the carefree nature of just wanting to enjoy the here and now. Hale’s voice compliments the harmony well – it’s the kind of song that’s worth blasting in the car after a late night, and just letting it be.

Just Another Song
At this point it’s beautifully evident just how much Hale’s able to do with her voice. There’s such a remarkable strength in “Just Another Song” that’s entirely goose bump invoking because of the lyrics, compelling melody, and the amount of heart in Hale’s performance. At her strongest during the bridge, Hale gives it all in this song making it a lovely one.

My Little Black Wedding Dress
The nostalgia in this specific song is mirrored in a lavish manner through the personification of an outfit. It’s one of those entities –we all have something like it– that instantly takes us back to a specific time and makes us feel a certain kind of indescribable way. It represents the idea of wanting to keep things the way they are yet wanting to evolve. ‘What I wouldn’t give to trade it for one that’s white’. Hale speaks for every single person who’s ever dreamt of the irreplaceable walk down the isle in that one line that can be interpreted in a few ways, but that’s mine, because it’s essentially how I feel. Thus, the sentimental essence of this song is one I adore dearly.

Feels Like Home
There couldn’t have been a more appropriate choice for the second to last song on an album to emphasize the importance of home and what makes it as special as it is. The song depicts growth, but most importantly heart, and what Hale’s album does craftily is illuminates the most valuable lesson of keeping grounded, staying true to the self, and remembering where one came from. The specificity in the narrative is beautiful and whether you relate or not, it’s a fantastic track.

Loved” is a tasteful storytelling ballad that’s filled with sweet, fanciful lyrics everyone day dreams about from time to time. An excellent conclusion to the album. There’s a real-life fairytale essence to it which easily takes listeners away to a happy place where love governs it all, places or situations don’t matter as it’s the emotion that adds the magical touch. Love is everything and this is a track that emphasizes the significance of it through an enchanting harmony and heartfelt performance.

If this album isn’t already in your iTunes or in your hand as a physical copy, it’s worth every penny you’d spend and I certainly suggest you go out and buy it now.


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