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Scandal 3×11 “Ride, Sally, Ride” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Rejoice Gladiators! After the awful 75-day (only?) wait, ABC finally decided to let us have our way and get high, TV style obviously, with Scandal. The winter premiere, greatly titled “Ride, Sally, Ride” returned last night, at 10 p.m.

The midseason finale left us all in shock when we we were left with the disturbing scene of Sally Langston murdering her husband. Well, she’s back and with vengeance! In last night’s premiere, Langston makes the jaw-dropping announcement that she will be running against President Grant (aka her boss) but will not be resigning from her position as veep. Hearing this, Fitz goes into a downhill spiral of binge drinking in the wee hours of the morning and quickly decides to nominate California Governor, Andrew Nichols as his new running companion (against Olivia’s instinct that he is not the right person for the job and we can totally see why towards the end of the episode! *HINT HINT* Milly and Nichols).

What is Quinn doing now that she’s supposedly in B613? Being the perfect power tool-girlfriend to Charlie, of course. She even helps him in kidnapping the coroner’s kid! While Quinn was busy “saving the world,” Harrison receives confirmation that his life is in fact in jeopardy when David tells him there is no way they can deport Adnan Salif, who by the way maybe it’s just me, but we still don’t know that much on who this guy really is except that he’s on a mission to kill our charming Harrison. In the midst of all this, Harrison still manages to let his guard down and screw someone from his past, played byHomeland’s Nazanin Boniadi, at his office, on his DESK!

Back at the White House, poor James has been dealing with all things Cyrus and now we see that their relationship is definitely in shambles and that there may never be a reconciliation. James admits into joining the dark side of the political world and that he is going against his “monstrous” hubby. He’s gone as far as leaking info to one of the reporters about what happened to the autopsy of Daniel Douglas Langston? And just to prove (more like gloat if you ask me) to David that Cyrus is behind the whole incident, he plants a chip in a picture frame and they listen in to the juicy confession.

Insert Mr. Eli Pope. Olivia gets a gut-wrenching wake-up call if you will, from her father where he basically tells her to run and hide because he is determined to get back (we all know that means to kill) at Fitz for kicking him out of B613. Speaking of B613, Olivia decides to name Mr. Ballard her new boyfriend so the press and everyone else will stop speculating that her and Fitz are an item again.

– Tanya Nazarian





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