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Revenge 3×13 “Hatred” Recap

Spoilers ahead

Emily is always one step ahead of the Grayson’s so we can’t help but smile to ourselves as Victoria and Daniel speak as if they have the upper hand. It’s just a matter of time until the big reveal happens…

Meanwhile, Aiden seems to be having a little too much fun with Niko. Emily who has had revenge flow through her veins and has had nothing phase her, has finally hit the wall. She’s indeed hurt as she somehow ends up in Nolan’s room and confronts Aiden. Aiden later sends his new lady to avenge her father by giving him false information and having her murder the man who took Declan Porter’s life (we still believe he’s somehow going to be alive). The only question now is will Niko ever find out that Aiden’s the actual murderer? Or could this be the one plan that’ll never come back to haunt them in the future?

Daniel keeps no secrets as he has Sara move in and lounge around the house as though she’s his wife instead. He purposely tries to hurt Emily but it’s as though he’s no clue who he’s messing with. After Emily confronts Sara’s mother, she momentarily chooses Daniel then decides it’s wrong on her part.

We get a glimpse of Victoria’s soft spot as we find out how Patrick was conceived. Being abused by her mother and raped by Patrick’s father, she finally cracks. Madeleine Stowe’s commendable acting must be talked about when she saw his father. Her expression was astonishingly phenomenal and it broke our hearts as for the first time, we actually felt bad for Victoria. Do you think that there’s a possibility of her redemption? At this point it seems unlikely, but who knows.

Daniel not only attacks Emily physically but uses cruel words to hurt her as well. First and foremost, shame on him for placing hands on a woman, haven’t you been taught better, boy? His behavior’s become extremely repulsive. Daniel’s character arc has been quite the train wreck, we never pictured hating him as much as we do now.

On brighter note, Jack and Margeux are taking their relationship to the next level by moving on. The couple seems happy, we’re actually enjoying their relationship and we’re excited to see it move forward to really see whether or not they’re meant to be.

The episode ends with Emily waking up next to Conrad. So what’s been causing her blackouts? And did she sleep with him? Highly unlikely. It doesn’t seem like a good story to tell; therefore, perhaps they’re becoming allies and she simply crashed there? Either way, we’ll have to wait until March 9 to find out. The first Mrs. Grayson will be making an appearance soon and well, that’ll surely be interesting.

– Marian S.





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