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Revenge 3×12 “Endurance” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

For a moment there we were certain our ears were playing tricks on us, but once it was clarified that Emily wants to leave, we knew she wouldn’t.

The Graysons have Emily taken into home care just in case her memories return and she ruins their precious reputation.

Patrick deceives Nolan and leaves him unconscious in his own home as he pursues his mothers wishes to bring back the “secrets” in the infinity box. The sad part is, for a split second, I believed he may actually be good. There are far too many terrible things happening in the Hamptons; therefore, for once it’d be incredibly nice if someone had a healthy relationship. Nolan especially has always behaved nobly through his kindness and steadfast nature.

Daniel seeks love with his former sweetheart in the midst of the shooting case, but he can not even confess to her that he committed the crime. Seems like he is following his fathers footsteps in the wrong direction. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” We had a lot of hope for Daniel, back in the days, we’d hoped he wouldn’t turn out like his family, but he’s bringing to life the infamous saying to life. Truth of the matter is, if he’s really in love with Sara, that’s fine because at this point, Emily doesn’t deserve a man like him or love him, but his dishonesty with her as well says a great deal about the kind of man he’s becoming.

As Victoria unveils the secrets of the box to Emily, we can’t help but see the quick smirk she gives off on the screen. And with that, the Emily we knew is back on track. Later on, she invites the press to make an announcement and actually puts the blame of the shooting on Lydia.

A prodigious round of applause for Nolan, Jack, Emily and the teddy bear walkie talkie. That undoubtedly made its way on to the top of our insanely awesome gadgets.

Emily says her goodbyes to Aiden as she realizes her passion to stop the Graysons is stronger than her plans with him. She then confesses to Daniel that her memory is fully recovered and that she intends to stay with the Grayson’s. Having just saved Daniel’s future, it is something they must all unwillingly accept.

Of course what the Grayson’s don’t know is that money and glamour is the furthest thing from Emily’s mind. Hopefully things will slowly unveil and they can get the shock of their lives.

Emily’s nurse is revealed as Niko, Takeda’s daughter and Aiden’s ex girlfriend, now current girlfriend. That was a rather quick jump on his part. Nonetheless, Niko plans to avenge her father without knowing that the man she’s with is his killer. This situation’s surly bound to get interesting.

The Nolan, Jack, and Emily trio is definitely one of the greatest things to exist. Their chemistry all around is glorious beyond words. The only hope we have is that maybe just maybe Charlotte will join them. She’s Emily’s sister after all and definitely deserves the truth.

Promos can be a bit much, but my oh my it definitely looks as though Daniel’s plans too cruel for our liking. Remember, Grayson Jr. once the respect is gone for good, it may be gone forever.

– Marian S.





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