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Revenge 3×11 “Homecoming” Recap

Spoilers Ahead:

As far as memory loss story lines go, this is one of those I was hoping would be dragged on a little bit longer, but I’m fairly pleased with the show’s pace and actually hope Victoria does find out who Emily really is.

Majority of the episode was spent at the hospital with interrogations where everyone blamed Victoria, then Daniel found out and wanted to coverup for her, but she told him not to, then they decided to blame it all on Lydia. Basically, cops haven’t arrived at an answer just yet.

For a moment, Emily lets it slip that her father is David Clarke and it’s a good thing it’s to Charlotte because it can be covered up well, at least until Victoria finds her box next week.

Let’s talk men and the further confusion they’ve brought to the picture.

Aiden dear, what on earth are you doing kissing someone other than Emily? As the only man I trusted outside of Jack and Nolan I’m pretty disappointed. Sure we all screw up, but this whole shenanigans with the nurse seemed as though it’s been going on for a while now. I need answers, Mathis and pronto. His declarations of love this past season felt most sincere; therefore, you could imagine the absolute anger his little moment has caused.

Daniel was actually my favorite circa season 1, I loved the connection between him and Emily even though it was fake on her part. A part of me had hoped it’d actually end well with them but homie is my least favorite this season. If you love Sara, then be with her. Divorce Emily as soon as she regains her memories and just try to redeem yourself. It certainly seems as though Sara brings out the best in him lately.

Lastly there’s Jack and I adored the honest moment at the hospital. It’s strikingly evident that he and Emily have something special, but his anger has clouded his judgement this last season as it was right to do so. I found his collected approach to Emily as exceptionally respectful and I’m sort of, really hoping the two of them get to spend more time together, and really get to know who the other is now as opposed to who they’ve known as children. People change in their lives and I’ve always felt that’s what this relationship was missing, further knowledge on the other’s current personas.

Patrick isn’t exactly lover of the year as he let Victoria get in the way of his Nolan’s relationship. Not cool, dude. Not cool. Can someone have a happy relationship for once? At least one person would be cool.

The one thing I’m hoping for when it comes to next week’s episode is more bonding on Charlotte’s and Emily’s part. I desperately want her in on the entire thing because they both need a friend they can rely on, and they’re sisters for crying out loud, they deserve to be close.

What’re your thoughts on this week’s episode?





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