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Revenge 3×10 “Exodus” Recap

Spoilers ahead

Who knew Conrad had a soft spot? He has ruined lives time and time again, yet he has gone out of his way to please Emily by convincing Victoria to attend the wedding. It’s certain things are never black and white and even he, in the midst of his wrongs, can do good.

So he brings back Patrick and of course course Victoria runs to the one son who shares the love back. But now, she must go to the wedding and revive her other relationship.

And the moment comes when Emily must say goodbye to Jack. I can’t quite tell when she is truly sincere except when she is with Nolan, and of course there is Jack. It’s a shame things are so tainted between them, that even this final goodbye can’t be said with ease and love. It’s clear Jack blames all the tragedies that have occurred in his life on Emily and perhaps he has good reason to.

Now that Lydia is back, we knew it wouldn’t be long before she revealed the Christmas picture of Emily. Aiden promises to handle it while he kisses the wife to be in her wedding dress.

Now time for the wedding! Stunning gown, stunning scenery, but the air is filled with a sense of darkness. The words that are exchanged are beautiful but clearly the depth and sincerity is missing from both of them. And as Emily speaks, we are left with flashbacks of her darkest days. After all, she was just an innocent little girl who never got a chance to be a little girl.
We can’t help but get a little teary as Nolan says his goodbyes and also when Daniel calls Sarah. Something tells us they’ll have their happy ending when Emily’s plan is complete. He seems miserable most of the time, if the heavy drinking doesn’t prove it, his acting surely does.

And Conrad indeed does have a soft spot as he confesses to Lydia that she is the only woman who has loved him. Their acting was so well done, I for a moment we did wish them true love and happiness.. That is until I remembered Declan. Really? Can he please appear somehow? Lydia did it and since we didn’t see his death scene, we’re still holding to the hope that he’ll come back.

So much is happening all at once. Lydia is at the wedding, Nolan is distracting Patrick, Jack is mourning and now we find out Sarah tried to kill herself. Weddings used to be happy events…

And as we suspected, Lydia ruins Emily’s plan as she reveals the picture to Victoria just before Aiden tries to lock her in the room. But the show must go on. Victoria confronts Emily but is shortly taken away. Meanwhile, Daniel hears all of it. In the midst of his pain and betrayal he impulsively grabs the shotgun and aims it at Emily’s “baby bump” and she falls into the ocean. Daniel’s pain was so evident as the shots went off. So hard to hate him when his impulsive move is understandable.

What’s most heartbreaking is that Jack waited with Aiden to give the proper goodbye he had always wanted.

We can barely type the last thoughts as the mid-season comes to an end. Luckily the previews show that Emily is all right, apart from her memory. Is that real or is she merely pretending to forget? Knowing Emily it wouldn’t come as a surprise if this was all an act, but if she really does lose her memory then the show will certainly take a different turn.

And we’re back to square one again. It’s undoubtedly going to be a long journey with this one.





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