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Revenge 3×09 “Surrender” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

After, Lydia pushes Emily down the stairs, Daniel reveals that she’s pregnant but Victoria doesn’t buy it. Surprise surprise. Emily’s baby plans succeed in winning Daniel’s loyalty and he’s finally ready to let go of his past and walk down the isle, but his feelings for Sara clearly still stand strong.

Meanwhile, Lydia goes from trying to take Grayson down to falling back in love with him. The takedown certainly takes a different direction as she resumes trying to frame Emily the way she attempted to do before she “died”. Will her exposure be what gets Emily shot? Since the lie has to do with the Graysons there’s a possibility of Daniel or Charlotte pulling the trigger.

Towards the end of the episode, Victoria comes to congratulate Emily and states that she will not be attending the wedding. This puts a dent in Emily’s plan as she wanted to put the blame of her own death on Victoria. Viewing the preview for next weeks episode though, we do see Victoria attending so it does not seem to be a problem.

Emily is now engaged to Aiden and has changed her new last name to “Ross”. I have a feeling that there will be a damper in the plans as per usual. What’s always a bit heartbreaking about scenes with these two is how evident Aiden’s love is, yet how unclear Emily’s is. Will she ever be able to let go of Jack? He certainly has which he proves by telling Margeux the truth about Grayson and everything he’s done to his family. She proves us wrong by choosing not to expose what she’s told, but who knows how long her loyalty will be – hopefully it’s permanent but with a show like Revenge, no one can be fully trusted.

Charlotte finally decides to forgive her soon to be sister in law by convincing Victoria to back off since she can tell how much pain they’ve caused both Daniel and Emily. Could finding out the truth about the pregnancy be the reason she shoots Emily?

As we all know, courtesy of E! News, there are four possible suspects:

  1. Nolan
  2. Jack
  3. Daniel
  4. Charlotte

Some of the reasons as to why Nolan could shoot her are simply because there’s no one else to do so and it’s his way of helping.  “His heart is even bigger than his brain.“ Emily doesn’t brag about people often and this is most sincere she’s been. Nolan’s heart truly is bigger than his brain, it’s evident that he’d never purposely pull the trigger. Jack on the other hand, seems the most unlikely. I doubt he’d want to meddle with the entire situation so he seems out. Daniel on the other hand could possibly be the one to do because as we said above, he’ll find out she lied about the pregnancy and possibly everything else? Similarly with Charlotte.

Last chances to place your thoughts on who pulls the trigger. Who’s your guess?





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