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Revenge 3×08 “Secrecy” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

Uh oh, the sound of wedding bells seems to be drowned by the sparks coming from Daniel and his ex, Sara. It seems like Emily is running into trouble. It’s understandable as how long can you keep a guy interested when there’s no real love involved? She can keep Sara from Daniel but that won’t necessarily stop his feelings from bouncing back.

Victoria invites Sara to the pre wedding festivities to reveal Emily’s “dark” side and prove to Sara that she’s the girl Daniel should be with. Even if that did work, her next mission would be to tear them up as well. Victoria brings Emily’s secret husband to “surprise” Daniel but we shortly find out Emily’s marriage was one to stop a man from deportation. Victoria fails to bring Sara back to her side but either way, Daniel seems to be having second thoughts.

Charlotte asks for help from an unordinary source when her phone along with her flashy photos is stolen. Aiden has a soft spot for Emily’s little sister and helps her out, but Jack doesn’t seem too happy with the new friendship.

As though there wasn’t enough secrecy going around, a secret home is passed down to Daniel from his dad to use when he has needs. Apparently the Grayson women know nothing of this but knowing Victoria, she did. In fact, she allows Emily to call the home just to show how Daniel will be spending his night.

So how is Emily going to take Daniel back? We do see her in a wedding dress in previews so I have a feeling she always finds a loophole. How will Daniel react when he realizes the pregnancy is a sham?

Lastly, Lydia’s alive and she’s going to spill. This doesn’t in anyway sound great for the Grayson’s but for Emily’s sake it sounds pretty great.





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