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Revenge 3×07 “Resurgence” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

Conrad Grayson hires a new publicist named Bizzy Preston (Ana Ortiz) in order to write all about how he’s healthy and ready to take on the roles he’d adopted before his health was in jeopardy. Preston attempts to mend Victoria’s and Emily’s relationship without the realization of the how much hatred the two women share for one another. Speaking of Victoria she is still hung up on breaking Daniel and Emily apart. Tonight she tried to actualize the split by threatening Aiden to attempt to get back with Emily or she’ll fire him. Unfortunately what Aiden and Emily don’t realize is that Victoria catches them exchanging information which leads to her understanding that he’s been two-timing her all along. Because of this, Aiden is fired and needs to leave town in order for Emily’s plan to stay intact.

Nolan and Preston have a history as she once toyed with his life drastically by exposing him and causing a rift between the father he was getting to know. However, instead of exacting revenge on her, Nolan threatens to reveal all the information he’s found on her if she doesn’t call off her affair. Essentially he does an honorable thing by saving her marriage which will surely benefit him in the long run.

Jack and Margaux’s relationship escalates rather quickly and because of the guilt he feels, he temporarily puts a stop to it, visits Amanda’s grave and gets closure with her. The two reunite later and their relationship becomes official as Jack finally lets another woman into his life. Could she be the one for him? Or will he eventually fall for Emily again? Do you think going down that road would be a healthy one for him or are he and Margaux a good match?

Knowing how much Sara loves to bake, Daniel offers her the opportunity to make his and Emily’s wedding cake. An offer she hesitates to agree to at first, but later gives in and is essentially hired by Emily. Moreover, Emily approves of her until Nolan reveals the possibility of a rekindled romance when Daniel and Sara look as though they’re about to kiss. Although that kiss was broken off by Sara, it definitely seems as though Daniel’s feelings are coming back. Trailers can be deceiving, but knowing Victoria she won’t give up trying to bring those two together. Since both Charlotte and Victoria are now opposed to Emily, the two ladies are working together to reunite the past couple.

Now we all know the wedding will still take place, but have your thoughts on who shoots Emily changed? Will it be Victoria or will someone entirely unexpected pull the trigger?

We’re hoping for the second option as it’d be a great twist. Thoughts?





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