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Revenge 3×06 “Dissolution” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

Emily approaches Nolan trying to convince him to end things with Patrick; however, he doesn’t do so until a heart to heart with Jack. Nolan confesses to have always known Amanda Clarke’s true identity.

“I hate that my first instinct is to protect her after everything she’s done.”

“You’re not alone.”

“Why do we do it?”

“Because we see the broken and betrayed little girl inside.

What a beautifully heartbreaking scene, one of the most sincere moments on the show so far.

Victoria signs the gallery under Patrick’s name to protect the assets from any of Conrad’s plans. In order to keep Victoria in the house, Aiden leads her to a warehouse filled with gold so that she doesn’t divorce him. Jack tells Conrad the truth about Patrick and by doing so eliminates him from the picture. Conrad then sends Patrick away, breaking Victoria once more.

Daniel runs into his ex Sara at a bakery who humiliates him by bringing up the accident they got into which left her paralyzed. She’s up and walking now which is great, but according to her Daniel hasn’t changed. Essentially, she’s wrong. Daniel’s made quite a few mistakes, but he’s definitely trying to fix himself with her.

Charlotte calling the bakery and reporting Sara’s behavior as rude was definitely not expected from her part. She later pays her a visit to explain that Daniel’s not the same person and offers her a job at the Stoweway. What a plot twist: do you think Charlotte’s trying to get Emily out of the picture with this? It definitely seems to be so with the looks of the trailer. Sara won’t just be a quiet employee because as turns out, despite the heartache and physical trauma Daniel’s caused, she still has feelings for him.

Emily and Aiden continue to plan their grand escape filled with bliss after everything is over.

“I always thought I’d handle this alone and I didn’t need anyone’s help. I can’t imagine doing this without you, Aiden, not anymore.” 

Has Emily finally chosen the man she wants by her side? It certainly seems like it. At the end of the day, Aiden’s protected her ceaselessly. With everything that they’ve been through it only seems fitting that they end up together. But does she want that? Are chances of her and Jack completely over?

The episode ends with Emily paying Nolan and Jack a visit and letting them in on her plan. Victoria will be framed for the murder of Emily Thorne. This seems too easy to be the big reveal at the wedding. Do you think Victoria will actually shoot Emily or it’ll be someone else?





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