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Revenge 3×05 “Control” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Control is an allusion, just as almost all things on this show seem to be.

Oh, Aiden you love struck jealous puppy, you. Sending Jack away isn’t going to benefit you, dear. There’s no denying where his loyalties evidently lie, but he isn’t always right. It is however an extremely good trait that he owns up to his mistakes.

“You’re everything to me.”  – Emily.

Review | Analysis: This may be because she realized Margaux is making Jack happy, and her chances with him aren’t exactly at their highest right now, but her confession to Aiden did seem sincere. Unfortunately little Amanda and Emily aren’t the same person. That conversation with Jack justified the notion loud and clear. He doesn’t know who she is anymore, so the question remains: is true love in Emily Thorne’s case, first love? Can there ever be a relationship between Jack and Emily with everything that’s happened? Where does that leave Aiden? In this moment particularly, Jack and Margaux may not last long, but it also seems like Aiden and Emily are getting stronger.

It’s always upsetting when Emily has a heartfelt moment, and it’s with the wrong person. Talking about her family isn’t easy; we wish that she truly loved Daniel because it would’ve made this moment that much more powerful. The engagement however is back on, and the wedding’s approaching soon. Have your thoughts on who pulls the trigger changed? At this moment, bets are on Victoria for us. She undoubtedly cares for her children; therefore, who’s to say she won’t find out about Emily and Aiden sneaking around? Who’s to say she won’t do this to protect Daniel?

Speaking of Victoria, because she cares so deeply for her children, knowing that Patrick tried to kill Conrad, she got Charlotte to confess instead. Charlotte’s confession got Conrad off of Jack’s back and for both women, it’s a win win.

Patrick’s ex told him about Nolan’s investigation causing a rift in between the new couple only to get them back together in the end. Surely Victoria’s reaction to this won’t be pleasant, as we all know Nolan isn’t exactly her favorite.

Next week: Nolan will be fine and so will his alliance with Emily. We aren’t nervous and you shouldn’t be either. It’ll be a great episode though, that’s for sure.





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