OUAT in Wonderland 1×07 “Bad Blood” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

It seems the one question that tends to pop up often in the OUAT world these days is: who’s really the worst parent of all?

Flashbacks: Right before Jafar’s mother dies, she tells him that his real father is actually alive, and as it turns out, he’s the Sultan. Jafar’s mother believed that when the Sultan saw his ring, he’d happily take him in because he’s family, but in reality, he cared very little for Jafar and more for his other son. Their final exchange before Jafar became powerful was of the Sultan trying to drown him to death. Who on earth could have the heart to drown a little kid?!

Modern Day: Jafar brings Alice’s father to Wonderland and at first, he refuses to cooperate because since he’s never given her the affection and respect she deserves, she wouldn’t forgive him. Jafar then locks him up and impersonates him in order to confront Alice. However, after spending some time with him and eventually escaping the dragon he’s summoned, Alice realizes he’s an impostor because he doesn’t say grace before their meal. This was undoubtedly a fantastic way to bring out the lie.

While they’re on their way to rescue Cyrus, Jafar meets them with Alice’s father and threatens to murder him unless she makes a wish to save him. Father and daughter have the reunion viewers have been waiting for, and Alice of course chooses to save his life. Alice’s father finally believes her and even though it seems like his wife tried to convince him it was merely a dream, he now understands the truth. Finally.

Before he leaves, he reveals that Cyrus has escaped.

2 wishes down, 1 more to go.

Jafar’s weakness is his father and as he tried to commit suicide, Jafar brought him back. It’s going to be interesting to watch this all play out now that viewers know the truth about the other man in the cage. He didn’t seem heartless when we first encountered him, but it’s impossible to look at him the same way knowing he has no regret for trying to drown a kid. However, there’s always room for redemption on a show like this.

On a lighter note, we can’t wait to discuss next week’s episode because of the CYLICE reunion + a good amount of action.

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