OUAT in Wonderland 1×06 “Who’s Alice?” Recap


Flashbacks: Alice goes home after Cyrus “dies” and it turns out her father has remarried, and his new wife has plans to send Alice away. Because Alice doesn’t accept the man they choose for her, they decide to send her into the madhouse where she remains locked up until her escape in the pilot.

Modern day: Jafar visits Bethlem Asylum with the rabbit and attempts to pick Dr. Lydgate’s brain about Alice’s time in captivity. Meanwhile, Alice goes into the “Black Forest” and later ends up in “Borogrove” where the Carpenter and the power of the plants possess her with false happiness. Wonderland is even more peculiar than Neverland or are they both equally bizarre? Luckily, Knave finds her, and with constant persuasion, he ends up convincing her to want to leave as one can only leave by choice. It’s nice to see the dynamic duo back in action again. Knalice is what a fantastic friendship looks like, folks.

Knave later confesses that he still hasn’t placed his heart back into his body because he’s still broken from Anastasia’s betrayal. Could Red Knave ever reunite again? Will he be able to forgive her? She did save his life and now that he’s aware, maybe he’ll be more willing in the long run.

Cyrus escapes from Red Queen again with the belief that love is enough to overcome everything. The faith Alice and Cyrus have in one another continues to leave viewers wonderstruck. True love really is the greatest power of all.

Lastly, Jafar visits Alice’s father in London and tells him he knows of her daughter’s whereabouts. In two weeks, we’ll see father and daughter reunite, but chances are it won’t be a happy reunion, and Jafar will surely do something terrible to him.

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