OUAT in Wonderland 1×05 “Heart of Stone” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

Tonight’s episode proved that Alice is in fact purest at heart and villains will do anything in their power to destroy the lives of heroes (including torturing a poor rabbit). Jafar’s the worst but there still seems to be hope for the Red Queen’s redemption.

Flashbacks: Anastasia’s mother confronts the duo right before their trip to Wonderland and expresses her disappointment. It always comes as a shock when mothers are incredibly harsh towards their children, but she doesn’t even bother wording any of her concerns kindly. “The only way you’ll be coming back inside my house is to empty my chamber pot. Off with you then. At least I have your sisters.” It’s heartbreaking that people like this actually exist in the world. Who let her be a mother? Will fights against her cruelty by reassuring Anastasia that a life with him will be better. “Don’t listen to her. I’ll build us a life if I have to, brick by brick. I love you for who you truly are, not who I want you to be.“That dears is what we’d call true love. Will illustrates that his love is unwavering and that he’ll do anything for her happiness. Unfortunately, their attempt to fit in with the royals doesn’t go as planned and Anastasia betrays Will once she’s proposed to by the King and offered a throne. It’s quite a shame what people will do to be on top.

Modern Day: Alice and The Red Queen team up to retrieve magical dust that’ll protect against dark magic like Jafar’s. On their quest Alice must walk an unseen path since she’s the purest in heart; however, she falls into a cave and confronts herself. A tad too creepy but also somewhat pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want to confront their younger selves? Red Queen later ends up in the cave as well and little Alice tells modern-day Alice to kill her because she cannot be trusted. Because Alice doesn’t kill her, she proves she’s the purest in her heart and little Alice becomes the magical dust they’ve been searching for. Sadly, Red Queen doesn’t honor their agreement and she takes the dust without revealing Cyrus’ whereabouts. What she doesn’t realize however is that Alice has taken a bit of dust for herself and with it she finds Cyrus’ location.

Speaking of Cyrus he’s escaped and is on his way to find Alice. It’s going to be exceptionally nice to see the lovebirds reunite. ”When two people love each other, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish together.“ It’s undeniable that Alice’s claim, in the beginning, is a foreshadowing of their union. At this point, they’re both on a quest to find each other and surely they’ll accomplish it.

Jafar questions the rabbit about who Alice cares most about so he could destroy them. Viewers don’t see who he reveals after the poor thing has his foot cut off, but we’re assuming it’s her father. Red Queen did emphasize that at one point Alice fought for her father’s love; therefore, it wouldn’t come as surprise if he’s the one Jafar will be tormenting in order to get another wish out of her.

Although betraying Alice momentarily destroyed the bit of humanity left in the Red Queen, Anastasia does make a brief appearance when she frees Knave from his motionless status. She doesn’t stay to watch him come back to life but there’s no doubt her feelings still remain.

Who’s sitting here hoping for Jafar’s powers to be taken away, the Mad Hatter to make an appearance + throw an unbirthday tea party, Cylice and Red Knave to reunite, and for everyone to live happily ever after?

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