OUAT in Wonderland 1×04 “The Serpent” Recap

One wish down, Two to go. When will she make them? Will she save them until she has rescued Cyrus in order to make Knave human again?! It’s a shame that he’s literally motionless as he and Alice were an epic duo.

Jafar, like most villains, started out despising the fact that in order to be powerful, innocent people must suffer. Ultimately, just as many noted villains, he wasn’t born evil, he was made. His entire reasoning behind gaining power was to get revenge on his father. He was so distraught as a child that he knew what revenge was and he wanted it. Now that’s tragic.

In modern-day, collectors are after Knave and Alice — he gets captured, and she escapes. He and Anastasia are reunited in a not-so-pleasant way. Truthfully we are a bit disappointed she didn’t try to save him. How could a simple “I can’t” alter someone’s mind so drastically? Clearly, his love for her was deeper than hers as Lizard clarified, it truly changed him afterward. His heartbreak definitely still lingers in him. Although there are signs of redemption, are there any of a reunion? Based solely on tonight’s episode, it seems like a no.

Jafar demands Knave is executed in public, but he’s saved by Alice only to stand face to face with the people who are trying to get rid of her “true love.” During a battle Jafar probably assumed would be an easy game, Alice gave in and made a wish to be killed if Knave was going to be. Now that’s true friendship. However, now that they literally have the same fate, what could that mean for Cyrus and Alice in the future? Having someone you’re fatefully connected to has got to represent something extraordinary.

Cyrus is close to finding an escape, but everyone knows it won’t be that easy. In next week’s episode, Red Queen and Alice have teamed up, but why? Will this force Alice to make another wish? Will Knave be a stone for long? What’re your thoughts?

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