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Happy Valentine’s Day | ’14

Here are our top 3 romantic speeches of the year.

1. Captain Hook -> Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)

“When I win your heart, Emma and I will win it, it won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.” 

What we love ever so ardently about this particular speech is the utmost sincerity Hook manifests to Emma. At this point in time, he’s confessed that meeting her has brought love back into his life; therefore, since she’s so gracefully inspired him, he’s honorably fighting to illuminate that her love and happiness are most treasured. The aesthetically incandescent words and O’Donoghue’s gorgeous portrayal have made it so this scene is one for the books.

2. Nick Miller -> Jess Day (New Girl)

“This is the coin I had in my pocket the first night we kissed. And I always have it. Happy Birthday, Jess.” 

What’s particularly amazing about this scene is how simply yet beautifully Nick’s love is authenticated. Often times as females we feel we’re the only ones who are sentimental enough to keep souvenirs from moments that’ve meant the world the us, but this is the perfect depiction of a man who’s so captivated by a woman’s love, he’s giving a coin and love a whole new meaning.

3. Ted Mosby -> The Mother (How I Met Your Mother)

“Hi, I’m Ted Mosby and exactly 45 days from now you and I are gonna meet and we are gonna fall in love and we are gonna get married and we are gonna have two kids and we are gonna love them and each other so much, all that is 45 days away but I am here now, I guess because, I want this extra 45 days with you, I want each one of them, look if I can’t have them I take the 45 seconds before your boyfriend shows up and punch me in the face because I love you I’m always gonna love you until the end of my days and beyond you will see.”

Ted’s journey throughout these 9 seasons has had viewers both frustrated and heartbroken, but watching him finally utter such stunningly moving words of love is without a doubt a beautiful scene to witness. The final words especially are incredibly heartwarming because he believes in love so deeply that knowing he’s found her, nothing in the world will ever stop him from adoring her, his love will continuously grow because he’s intuitively loved and longed for her his entire life.

– M&G

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