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Revenge 3×04 “Mercy” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Last week, we were left with a mean cliffhanger. What caused the accident? What will become of father Paul and Conrad?

As soon as Conrad saw and things were moving in the right direction, it took a bad turn (literally) as the car crash caused the death of Paul, and with it, closing the doors to the truth. To make matters worse, Conrad claims that Paul was the driver to walk away from manslaughter. How does he get away with it every time? Later, we find out that Conrad’s breaks were cut. So he isn’t guilty, but who could it possibly be? As people ponder on that question, Conrad finds out he is in fact, misdiagnosed. Emily’s plan is just backfiring in every way.

As Emily’s original plan to expose Conrad turns sour, she goes to find clues and bumps into Jack who refuses to take no for an answer in plotting to avenge the death of his late wife and brother.

Is this revenge a good idea? Emily has already lost the one man she loves, and now she has to hold on to the burden of Paul’s death.

Meanwhile, Nolan is doing his own little investigation as he finds out Patrick is in fact gay.

Aiden is back, and it seems his feelings for Emily are as strong as ever. Jealousy takes him too far as he tells Victoria and Conrad that Jack cut the breaks of the car.

So is Jack safe with Conrad finding out the truth? Is there going to be a new relationship between Nolan and Patrick? How is Emily going to fix all the problems she created? We think it’s safe to say she’ll find a loophole, as she always does.





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