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Revenge 3×03 “Confession” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Emily always becomes the best version of herself when tears are shed, but in reality, forgiving Pastor Saunders was key in strengthening her character. The same goes with her talk at the Stoweway with Jack. Who else is hoping she’ll confess her identity to Charlotte as well?

As we predicted in our previous recaps: Aiden is in fact helping Emily. Who’s actually surprised?

Victoria said Conrad would pay if he got in the car. Do you think she’d planned something prior to her threat or do you think the crash was all intentional by Conrad?

Daniel is onto Emily thanks to the news brought forth by Victoria, we all know the wedding goes on because of previews, but is anyone else speculating that he may be the one to pull the trigger now? He is a Grayson after all, and no one ever wants to be cheated on. What’re your thoughts on the who pulls the trigger? Have they changed after this episode?





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