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Revenge 3×02 “Sin” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Well it’s about time Emily realizes that having the revenge box in her house while living with Daniel isn’t exactly a wise idea. Speaking of Daniel, bravo for not cheating. That’s always a big no even on television.

So far it definitely seems as though Aiden is against Emily, but the question is: how does no one especially Nolan realize he’s alive? Until next week.

Jack told Charlotte that her father’s responsible for Declan’s death, but is anyone else upset that she still doesn’t know Emily is the real Amanda thus, her sister?

Moral of today’s episode: Emily’s new quest is to get Conrad to confess which is much greater than the revenge she’s been plotting since day one. This way, despite the amount of damage that’s been done, her conscious can be a bit clearer when it’s all over. This way, Charlotte would forgive easier, same with Daniel and maybe a few others who’ve been harmed along the way.

Episode 3 looks like an extreme roller coaster and surely the question on everyone’s mind is “is it next Sunday yet?”





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