OUAT in Wonderland 1×03 “Forget Me Not” Recap

Didn’t see that twist coming did you? It’s okay, neither did we and that’s what’s so fantastic about it.

Hello again, Robin Hood. This week’s episode showed Will Scarlett’s (Knave of Hearts) origin in The Merry Men. His desire to be a part of them was to steal magic from Maleficent by convincing them they were going to steal gold to give to the poor. After finding out about what he’s done Hood lets him go and he’s reunited with Anastasia (The Red Queen) where they go off into Wonderland together.

Meanwhile, in modern-day, Jafar and the Red Queen are waiting around believing that Alice will make one of her wishes.

It was finally revealed that the rabbit stole the genie’s lap and it’s not in the Red Queen’s possession. Will Scarlett continues to be one of the most fascinating characters in this series and the episode ultimately proves it by giving us his backstory. There’s so much that we still don’t know, which we can make guesses on, but it comes down to the detail that he’s an integral part of this story.

This is also how the series blends itself into Once Upon A Time, bringing more history to the characters introduced there while thrusting us toward different adventures. The backstory is not only making Knave more fascinating but it’s allowing Michael Socha more opportunities to layer his character further. We have a ways to go with the mini-series, and though there will be far more to discuss later, these layers are going to come in handy as we dissect the characters further.

What do you think will come in the following episodes? Is there a possibility of redemption for The Red Queen? Will Alice make her wishes? One thing’s for sure, Knave won’t be beheaded as it shows in the promo.

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