OUAT in Wonderland 1×02 “Trust Me” Recap

How’s everyone liking Wonderland so far? So far, though we don’t know much, it’s great in our book.

This episode was centered around locating the genie’s bottle (modern-day) and falling in love (flashback). Alice and Knave set out to locate Cyrus’ bottle in order to bring him back from wherever he’s being held captive. There are a few obstacles in the way such as Knave not being able to swim and the fairy Silvermist being against him because of a past we’ll soon learn about.

Similarly, both Jafar and the Red Queen are after the bottle as well, and by betraying one another in the end, she gets a hold of it with the Rabbit’s help. What a shame. Who thinks that the Red Queen has the Rabbit’s “lover” held captive as he did say “I’m coming honey” in flashbacks? There must be something to that extreme if he’s helping her.

Alice now has proof that Cyrus is alive and she won’t give up on finding him despite his warning. From the looks of the trailer, it sounds as though Knave will betray her but our bets are far from that. It doesn’t look like their friendship will fail this quickly or ever truthfully.

In a nutshell, it’s clear by this episode that the series will follow similar paths to Once Upon A Time. We know Alice and Cyrus will reunite. We know there’s so much more to the Red Queen’s story than what we’re getting, and we also know that the connections we’re seeing are going to be expanding further. There’s always much to say about the potential redemption arcs we could go through with the characters and where that’ll lead.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland could also surprise the audience by subverting expectations in a way we don’t expect them to. It’s anybody’s get, but the story at this point is a bit slow. Enjoyable still–but finding its footing still.

What are your thoughts on the second episode of the season?

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