OUAT in Wonderland 1×01 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The long awaited premiere has arrived and it was fantastic.

What’s particularly great about the show is how surreal Wonderland actually looks. In the scenery itself, it’s unearthly and as kids, isn’t that how we all perceived it? The sole fact that it’s so exaggerated is what makes it enjoyable. If you aren’t already watching, it’s a nice escape and you should stop reading, and start watching.

The story begins with the beloved Alice coming home and telling her father about the marvels in Wonderland, surely a bad idea as she spends a great amount of time in an asylum because evidently no one believes her. Moreover, this doesn’t terrorize her as she’s surely a strong willed being with abilities to fight exceptionally well.

Stemming away from the traditional story, Alice visits Wonderland more than once and eventually falls in love with the majestic genie, Cyrus. Upon finding out about their romance and soon to be marriage, the Red Queen throws him into the Boiling Sea; therefore, Alice goes on believing he is dead when in fact, he’s being held captive by Jafar. He’s a long way from Agrabah but an interesting addition to the tale.

Alice, Knave, and The White Rabbit are on the pursuit to find Cyrus and without a doubt, a great adventure awaits them.

Did anyone catch Granny’s diner, Grumpy, Ashley (Cinderella), and Emma’s yellow bug in the premiere? Subtle and great cameos.

Also, here’s to hoping Sebastian Stan’s busy schedule clears up so he could make his way into Wonderland and reprise his role as the Mad Hatter. Similarly with Barbara Hershey as she’s done a superb job as the Queen of Hearts. She may be dead in Storybrooke, but she can be undead in Wonderland can’t she? It’s a possibility as the shows aren’t meant to be directly connected.

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