Once Upon A Time 3×05 “Good Form” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

This episode opens up with the lost boys capturing Neal and ends with him being hung with someone else captured. Who do you guys think it’ll be? It doesn’t seem like it’ll be Rumple because who can capture him? Do you think it’s a character we haven’t met yet, a little mermaid perhaps?

In flashbacks, we meet young Lieutenant Killian Jones, and his brother Captain Liam Jones as they set sail to Neverland to bring back a plant that they’re told is the cure to all things terrible. But in reality, it’s Dream Shade they’re after. Pan warns them not to go near it as it’s poisonous, but Liam harms himself with it anyways to prove that their king is an honorable man and falls to his death. Killian is then told by Pan that the water from the stream can save him; however, as with all magic, it comes with a price.

The terrifying price is that anyone who drinks from it cannot leave Neverland because if they do, they’ll die. R.I.P Captain Liam Jones. Killian’s heartbreak and rage force him to rebel against the kingdom, and become pirates, in his words “thieves with honor.” Let’s give Colin O’Donoghue all the awards for his magnificent performance during the speech. It was filled with terror, heartbreak, and even hope.

In modern-day Neverland, Dream Shade is spreading quickly and killing Charming; therefore, in order to save him, Hook devices a plan to get him up to the stream in order to cure him. It’s evident that back then Hook wasn’t aware of the fact that leaving the island would kill instantly; hence, he did the honorable thing by warning Charming beforehand. The Charmings have broken the darkest curses together, overcome death, and always found a way back to each other, surely they’ll find a way to leave the island without him dying after doing so.

Meanwhile, Emma, Regina, and Mary Margaret find a way to make contact with Henry. Though not exactly the greatest way, it worked wonderfully as Henry will at least have some form of hope now that his family has indeed come for him.

Captain Swan fans everywhere are without a doubt the happiest folks on the planet right now. It’s certain that was definitely not a one-time thing, and that’s what’s most lovely. Up until this breathtaking moment, they never truly realized how profoundly attached they are to one another. This is a pairing that’s been hinted at for quite some time now, and it’s blossoming perfectly. They complement each other remarkably, whether it’s fighting side by side or silently and subtly comforting one another.

Further, noted references in the text are always a sweet form of foreshadowing: “That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying ‘as you wish’, what he really meant was, ‘I love you’. And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back.”

Plus, Colin O’Donoghue has stated that his character has been inspired by the Dread Pirate Roberts. This is no coincidence; it’s great writing and lovely storytelling. Essentially writers are creating a new fairytale for Emma, and being from our world, she’s probably seen The Princess Bride, which is what makes this moment exquisitely fascinating. Her life is unfolding as a fairytale in front of her and when she actually has time to think about it all, she’ll see how wondrous, magical, and real their bond truly is. But the beloved Captain’s happiness is fundamentally short-lived as Pan approaches with something that’ll prove just how deeply he cares for Emma. Neal is alive and he has the choice to tell her or not.

We predict that he will. He could’ve made a deal with Pan and gotten off the island to be with Emma, but knowing she’d never want that, he made the selfless choice. He’s done everything for her. She’s brought out Killian Jones again. It’s no secret how ardently he admires her and now, in order to be the honorable man he is, he’ll tell her about Neal, but at the same time he won’t give up on her. It’ll be subtle but his comforting ways will remain. There’s no denying the spark between them. What’s to come is definitely going to be remarkable.

NEXT WEEK: Ariel! A little adventure that’ll be unlike any other.

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