Once Upon A Time 3×04 “Nasty Habits” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

We have the “Operation Henry” group discussing their plan with Tinkerbell – a plan which they clearly hadn’t thought threw because there was no exit plan. This leads them to Bae’s “home” in Neverland where they find a map he created, a map only he can read.

Meanwhile, father and son reunite in a truly heartbreaking scene as Neal cannot believe Rumple’s intentions are honorable. They sure seemed honorable to us as he told Neal he was his happy ending. This is our take on the whole undoing thing: Henry won’t be Rumple’s undoing as a man but as the dark one. Anyone else? Rumple’s challenges in the future will be living without magic, and we feel it’ll undoubtedly force him to become a better man for Neal, Belle, and everyone else.

Peter Pan has successfully made Henry feel like a lost boy but knowing the Charming family, it won’t be forever. At times it’s difficult to view Pan as a villain because we aren’t aware of how he actually became a lost boy. Who abandoned him before he and Rumple became friends? What caused his heartbreak and desire to stay young? He’s a master in this game, but we all know “operation Henry” isn’t going to fail.

With Charming’s life on the line and Hook being the only one who knows – drama is bound to take place. There will be a cure and our bets are on true love, not just Snow’s but Emma’s as well. Emma was able to revive Henry with a mother’s love and it makes all the sense in the world if she’s going to help her mother bring Charming back with a soul mate’s love (Snow) and a daughter (Emma). Let’s hope this takes place next week because we’re awfully heartbroken watching the always-hopeful Charming give up.

Captain Swan fans, don’t you worry. The celebrated kiss takes place next week and Hook’s backstory. It’ll be an undeniably phenomenal episode for sure.

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