Once Upon A Time 3×03 “Quite A Common Fairy” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Tinkerbell not only met all expectations we’ve had but without a doubt exceeded them. I remember crying during the cartoon when no one believed in her, and I’m not going to lie, I held back tears as Blue lost faith in her. What a scene.

Pixie Dust never lies, does it? That being said, Robin Hood and Regina were meant to be soul mates. Surely though, that flashback wasn’t the end of Hood Queen. What’s to come in the future definitely looks promising of greatness. 

Speaking of Regina, it’s always good to see her heart and not literally, as we saw that as well. She is slowly redeeming herself and giving Tink her heart to crush was an enormous form of sacrifice for Henry and the group. It’s also pleasant to see the bond she and Emma are building. Regina wanting to use Emma’s powers as well depicts that she can be selfless, and thus understand that someone else can be strong with magic as well. Let’s be real, who didn’t tear up during the talk about “Operation Henry” and how he’d definitely come up with a more clever name?

Neal, Mulan, Robin Hood, and Roland. If you aren’t petrified of the fact that this isn’t the end of the shadow then we aren’t watching the same show. Yes, Neal successfully made it to Neverland without harming the boy and the group, but we all know nothing is ever that simple. Magic always comes with a price and we’re terrified. Roland is a child. Despite almost being taken by the shadow, who’s to say he won’t be curious? Who’s to say he won’t be tempted to say “I believe” again?

Henry is warming up to Pan. We have a few theories on Pan and here’s one of them: at the end of the day, he’s a child as well; what if all he wants is truly, just like in the cartoons, to stay young and something other than him on that island is forcing him to grow up? And that’s why he needs Henry’s heart as he’s the truest believer and if he believes in youth, it cannot be taken from them? What’re your thoughts on Pan’s motives?

As we predicted in last week’s recap, Hook would notice Charming’s wound first but who’s going to heal it? It’s not going to be pixie dust, but his one and only darling daughter. We believe Emma is going to heal him with her magic, and from that, we’ll get the exceptionally heartfelt father/daughter scene we’ve been waiting for.

Hook and Emma’s closeness grows more and more with each episode, and in the most graceful way, the two lost souls find a home in one another. Though Neal is set to return rather quickly, there’s no doubt that not only is forgiveness not going to be easy, but feelings between Captain Swan are going to be difficult to deny. The parallels between Snowing and Captain Swan are far too evident to ignore.

It seems congratulations is in order for Philip and Aurora as they’re expecting a child, and Mulan has joined the Merry Men. Do you think it’s possible for Mulan to get over Philip? Surely this keeps things open for Mufire to evolve. What are your thoughts on this triangle?

Next week: Tink’s helping with “Operation Henry”, Rumple and Neal are reunited, and the roller coaster continues.

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