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Graceland 1×12 “Pawn” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

One of the main elements that make this show utterly brilliant is the fact that the audience could never anticipate what’s coming towards them, and that deserves a standing ovation. That being said, here’s our incite on the finale.

Review | Analysis: Briggs’ name is cleared (for now), Graceland agents are still on duty, Mike’s gone back to the east coast, Jangles is dead, the recording is out there, and Briggs has another secret? The Estate burning down was partially Briggs’ fault and this is a storyline that’s definitely not finished yet. Apparently the only thing Jangles wanted to know from Briggs was “who’s the mole in Caza?” Briggs tells him it’s his training officer Roberto, and the question is: was it really or did Briggs have something else on Roberto to give Jangles his name.

Questions that arose throughout the episode including predictions we’ve come up with:

  • Who is Quinn? Besides the man authorities will suspect as Odin. What’s his actual tie with Briggs/Odin and possibly the Caza Cartel?
  • Briggs clearly cares immensely for Charlie, so why won’t he come clean as Odin? Now that’s the most mind rattling because although he stayed in town because he knew Jangles was still out there, he could’ve easily killed him and not listened to Charlie. As Charlie said, he’s broken, but to say that all that is an act just to get Jangles is untrue. His love and respect for her were emanating far too clearly when they were tied up together. It could be said that Odin was merely created to bait Jangles, but if that were the case, why wouldn’t he let his roommates in on that? Paul Briggs is one confusing man audiences without a doubt both love and hate.
  • Is Lisa still alive? It’s definitely possible. What if she escaped and doesn’t want to be found? What if she’s being held captive somewhere? There are quite a few means as to how this story could play out. The emphasis on the Briggs/Lisa story with Mike/Paige wasn’t merely there to show romantic parallels, another reason could be because we’ll be getting more of Lisa in the future whether she’s dead or alive.
  • Will Mike return to Graceland? Yes. There’s nothing more evident  than that. Throughout the season Mike’s expressed and shown his desire to leave numerous times, but now that he’s gone and has the job he’s always wanted, where/who does he miss? California/his roommates. A glimpse of his memories was a sweet and subtle to show that maybe just maybe Mike’s a west coast kid now.
  • Will Mike & Paige eventually get together? Without a single doubt. That kiss may not have been at the opportune moment, but it’s undeniable that they’ve both had feelings since their very first encounter.
  • What on earth will those boys do with the recording? Now that’s something we can’t even begin to imagine. At least we’re finally aware of whose possession they are in though we don’t know the characters yet. It is still unlike Briggs not to check his surroundings and find that recording himself right after he committed the murder. It doesn’t seem like him one bit. How could he not look around? Something is off about this. What’re your thoughts?
  • WHAT IS PAUL’S SECRET? We highly doubt he’ll tell Mike he’s Odin, but maybe it’s about the murder or something completely different. We’ll leave that to the genius writers while we wait an entire year to find out.

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