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Graceland 1×11 “Happy Endings” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Where on earth was the happy ending in all this because from the looks of it, nothing about that final moment was happy, except Mike and Paige working together. Possible romance in the future? It definitely looks like it.

Before we begin recapping the actual episode, let’s address the jaw dropping, nerve wrecking, crazy trailer. Charlie will not die. Repeat: Charlie will not die. As we’ve said before, trailers love to mislead. On the other hand, Charlie’s situation will not in anyway end well after all she is dealing with the man who’s to blame for Briggs’ heroin addiction. When the show resumes for a second season because it has to, signs are pointing towards Jangles doing the same exact thing to Charlie as he did to Briggs. Hopefully not, but it’s a huge possibility. Hopefully Johnny just comes to the rescue as he’s said multiple times he’d be delighted to.

Review | Analysis: When Johnny said the house was dividing, the man was definitely sadly on to something. Briggs and Jakes vs Mike and Paige. Here’s the thing, Briggs is a wise man, how could he murder someone and not check up on them on the spot. How could he not search for a car nearby and try to get rid of all evidence? It doesn’t seem like a Briggs move. In a matter of two days after supposedly finding out Juan’s identity at what point did he have the chance to find the car, steal the recording, then place it inside his wall without anyone in the house realizing. Common, how thick could these walls possibly be that no one heard someone breaking it then fixing it? Although it’s possible, it definitely doesn’t seem like the case. The question is, why on earth would Briggs tell Jakes plus go through all this trouble if he already had the recording in his possession? How on earth does involving everyone benefit him? The crime doesn’t make him honorable in any way, but opening up to his roommates with the truth shows character. Who knows with Briggs and his intensions.

Furthermore, something tells us Lisa is still alive. When Briggs was talking about her to Clayton, he said she broke up with him, and yes, he’s undercover, but it’s not impossible for her to show up and say she never died in the fire. After all, coming back from the dead is pretty common in television/movies these days.

Now, judging by the trailer, Briggs cares far too much about his roommates to run away just yet. He’ll be back and hopefully with some explanation regarding his actions.

Theories: let’s say the tape Briggs had in his bag wasn’t the one from Juan’s car, what do you think is in his? And who has the actual recording. Do you think it’s possible that Clayton and his crew could’ve taken the actual one? Thoughts?

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