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Graceland 1×10 “King’s Castle” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

For starters, A+ performances this week from the entire cast, sir Manny Montana especially during that jaw dropping monologue.

Charlie dear, do not get in bed with the enemy. Seriously praying she figures out that A) Briggs is Odin and B) Cortez is Jangles. For a while now it seems all Graceland viewers had their fingers crossed in hopes that Briggs wouldn’t do anything to actually harm his roommates, but that hope may have been fully lost after tonight’s episode when he made sure Bello would find out Mike is actually a federal agent. Ok maybe not fully but slightly. You’d think after that Bello would put two and two together and realize Briggs may some how be involved with the feds as well since Mike introduced them. Maybe he will in the next few episodes? What’re your thoughts on how the house will find out that Briggs is Odin.

Review | Analysis: On a lighter note, Paige understands Mike now and with the looks of it, she’ll be helping him uncover certain things about Briggs. Oh, and Briggs knows he was being investigating, but do you think he believes Mike’s stopped? We certainly don’t.

We got to see a more personal side to Jakes in this episode though we already knew he had a kid, we never really understood just how badly he wanted to be a part of his life. Though it’s completely understandable why he’s upset, he definitely owes Johnny an apology after his reaction. All Johnny (aka the heart of Graceland) wanted to do was make the house a little bit happier after everything they’ve experienced.

As far as the trailer goes, Briggs won’t shoot Mike. That’s a given, but hopefully this is where it’s somehow revealed just how involved with everything. Then maybe the entire house can go out for ice cream and live happily ever after. That’s not too much to ask for is it?

Be back in 2 weeks, folks. Give us your thoughts and theories as well. What do you think is in store when Graceland returns?

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