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Graceland 1×09 “Smoke Alarm” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Every episode of Graceland ends with us unsure of where to begin recapping. That’s when you know a show is insanely good.

Review | Analysis: Well for starters, we finally know why Mike was investigating Briggs. Long story short: Juan believes Briggs murdered 5 agents in a fire including the woman he (Briggs) loved. We don’t believe he committed those murders, do you? Also, though we’ve always been suspicious of Juan and his intentions we don’t think he’s “Jangles”. In fact, we think “Jangles” may be Agent Cortez (the man Charlie met inside Odin’s motel room). One of the main reasons we have these speculations are because Cortez and “Jangles” have similar hair styles. Thoughts? In other words, we’ve always been suspicious of Juan and now we have a reason to be because his desires aren’t to help a good Agent (Briggs) they are to get revenge. Also, we don’t think he’s dead just yet. Briggs may have shot him but it doesn’t seem like Juan’s role is over for now.

Ever heard of the phrase a “drunken mind speaks a sober heart”? Briggs’ tears in the end remembering his girl didn’t seem like the tears of a murderer to us. It seems either the fire was accidentally started by him or he definitely didn’t do it and misses her.

On a lighter note: Mike’s secret is finally out, well to one person at least. Paige’s reaction is completely normal and there’s no doubt in our minds that she’ll soon understand he isn’t rat but simply doing his job. They’ll be back to their old adorable trusting selves soon.

Note: we still don’t have word on whether or not the show has been picked up for a second season so please make sure you’re watching, tell your families, friends, coworkers, neighbor’s dogs, etc. Let’s make sure the show gets picked up.

What’re your thoughts on this week’s episode + next week’s promo?

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