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Graceland 1×08 “Bag Man” Recap

Spoilers ahead:

Briggs’ web of lies keeps getting bigger while the rest of the house keeps getting frustrated and sorry to put this so bluntly but stupider.

Review | Analysis: A round of applause for Charlie following her gut suspicions if only she carried it out a little bit longer. Every answer she wanted asked was in the questions itself, if only she realized. The most frustrating is how it was never questioned why Paul would be the middle man between Odin and Bello in the first place. If I were Mike and I saw that the DNA matched mine and Briggs, I’d be suspicious. Plus, he gets so insanely defensive about these cases with Bello that it’s surprising none of the others see it.

Hmmm, now the issue is Briggs serious? We’re still hoping this just an elaborate plan but by the looks of it, it’s not. What’re your thoughts?

Also, Juan hasn’t spilled Briggs’ secret and we’re starting to trust him, but it seems on Graceland, that can never happen.

Mike you silly boy, it’s one simple rule, don’t take civilians upstairs; follow it. Paige’s little speech about him truly being the most real was lovely.

Lastly, Johnny is truly the heart of this show, don’t get rid of your sunshine, sunshine.

Question of the week: do you trust Briggs and think whatever he’s doing will benefit Graceland or is he really just out for himself?

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