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Graceland 1×07 “Goodbye High” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

For starters, what on earth is going on?!

Federal Agent Paul Briggs aka Odin? There aren’t enough words to sum up how unbelievable that is. Now, most viewers are probably in denial and hoping this is the biggest lie Briggs will ever tell. Though it’s clear it definitely won’t be. If he is Odin, how on earth could he let Charlie shoot the heroin? That’s what’s making me personally believe he’s not. If there’s one thing about Briggs’ that I feel I’m certain of it’s that he genuinely care for everyone in the house. Let’s just cross all our fingers, arms, toes, and legs while we hope all this is just an elaborate plan to finally put Bello behind bars. What are your thoughts on Briggs?

Review | Analysis: Welcome back, Jakes! It was nice to get a little inside on his past and learn that he has a kid?!  Not sure how Mike could trust Juan, there’s still something suspicious about that man. If he keeps Briggs’ secret then he’s trustworthy. If not, we were right all along. Charlie told the rest of the house her secret, and though Briggs disagrees with her, I think she did a good thing. They’ll be able to help her in case she’s ever tempted.

Paige and Johnny want Mike to break up with Abby. He thinks he’s going to back to the east coast soon, but we all know that’s not happening anytime. What do you all think he should do?

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