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Graceland 1×06 “Hair of the Dog”

Spoilers Ahead

Take a deep breath, world the dazzling JT is alive and well!

Where does one even begin discussing the insanity that took place in an hour?

Review | Analysis: For starters, Charlie’s back in the house and that didn’t take long which is actually great to see. What sucks the most? Poor girl took the drug and they didn’t even get to meet Odin. Let’s hope this doesn’t mess with her even more than the guilt already is. If there was an award for ‘best secret keeper’ Paul Briggs definitely takes the crown. At first, I thought the bag in his hand was filled with the drug, then I thought “oh, he’s a teacher of some sort” but then we see he’s actually at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting confessing to being a heroin addict. What x a million? Congratulations, Graceland that was without a doubt unexpected. How do you think this is all going to play out? Will Mike tell the bureau? We doubt it. How do you think the other roommates will react? From the looks of the trailers, the rest of the season is going to be one long roller coaster.

On a few lighter notes:

Where is Jakes?! Dude is missed.

What’re your thoughts on Abby?

Also, there’s something about Juan that’s a bit untrustworthy. Does anyone else see this?

Next week looks like another nail-biting + crazy episode.

If there’s a certain scene you want us to discuss, let us know!

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