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Graceland 1×05 “O-Mouth” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Well one thing’s for sure, the writers undoubtedly love cliffhangers as do we. The only terrible part? Waiting for next week’s new episode. Is it Thursday yet?

The episode opened up with Johnny waking up Mike by jumping on his bed. If you say his 5 year old sense of humor doesn’t fascinate you, you’re lying. Throwing footballs with Graceland agents is now on the bucket list. It’s always nice that the show opens up with lighter and fun content then slowly leads into the insanity and heavier plot lines. The core of this week’s episode: Briggs + Charlie + Briggs + Mike. Briggs and Charlie once hooked up plus we got a genuine heartfelt moment with them pre-work where they gave one another their opinions of the other. Charlie then got Whistler to help them out and in the process he overdosed. Now the reason we believe Charlie actually took the drugs wasn’t simply because she desperately wanted to meet Odin (though that’s definite a reason), it’s the guilt she feels from Whistler’s death. It’s as if her thought process was that he wouldn’t die in vain. Now the question is, what’s going to happen to her? For starters, she’s definitely not going to overdose or anything, but she’ll leave for a while -hopefully not too long- because she’s not going to be able to face her roommates or herself. There’s no doubt that guilt is going to govern her for a while.

Meanwhile, Mike is finally told why he’s investigating Briggs. There are speculations that he’s either selling heroin or using it (not literally) to get in on things. Hence, Mike decides that if he gets closer to Bello in order to bust him and prove if Brigg’s is doing something shady. He successfully becomes Bello’s bodyguard and is now one step closer to finding out Paul’s secret.

Review | Analysis: As Mike told Juan: every time it seems Briggs is doing something dishonest it turns out it always benefits the other agents or the bureau. That’s what it seems it’s all going to be. It’ll turn out that whatever he’s doing is definitely going to be to protect someone else. What’re your thoughts as to what his secret is?

And now the part everyone is freaking out about: Johnny and the trailer. He isn’t going to die. I repeat he most definitely isn’t going to die. That’s that. If he was, it wouldn’t be in the trailer in any way. They’d try to shock viewers differently. Trailers are meant to send you into cardiac arrest for things that aren’t what they seem.

Thoughts or questions send them over and we’ll give you our analysis.

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